Carroll County, Illinois Poor Farm

The Poor Farm in Carroll County was a haven for many years for those who had no home, money or means of support.  It was used as a nursing home for the elderly, a hospital for those who were sick or injured and often a maternity ward.  The poor farm was originally planned on Monday, December 24, 1851.  Two hundred acres of farm land with a home and out buildings were purchased for eleven hundred dollars.  Improvements were made over the years until in 1875 a brick house of two stories and a basement was completed.  The facilities of the poor farm were available to the county for almost one hundred years.

The original Almshouse Register is contained in a book that is 14" side and 17" long, with information contained on two pages.  Many of the pages are loose and in poor condition.  The earliest entries were written in ink that is fading.  The book will be rebound in the near future.  A sincere effort was made to extract information that is accurate.  There may be misspellings and errors.  Obvious misspellings were left and corrections were not made, with the exception of my great grandfather's burial information.

Copies of copies of the original pages are available through the Circuit Clerk's office at the Carroll County Courthouse, Carroll County Circuit Court.
Copyright pending 2001, Anne Haliotis

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