Miscellaneous Naturalization Documents

These documents are single loose documents of many types.  The following list identifies the type of document; the "ADDL INFO" column indicates that documents have additional information included.  The types of information are dates of birth, birthplace, dates of arrival, port of arrival and the ship the immigrant arrived on.  Not all the documents have the same information.  The discharged soldier's petition and final oath will indicate the unit the soldier served with along with the years they served.

ID=identification of type of record:

I - Intent to become citizen
P - Petition for final papers of naturalization
C - Certificate of filing declaration
M - Minor's petition and final oath
N - Naturalization final oath
O - Oath of allegiance
D - Discharged soldier's petition and final oath
A - Affividavit of acquaintance of petitioner
G - Citizenship petitions granted
CA - Certificate of arrival

Documents for Surnames A thru G
    Documents for Surnames H thru O

Documents for Surnames P thru Z

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