Descendants of Thomas Longworth of Newark, NJ

Compiled by Hal Langworthy

Revised October, 2011

The oldest burial ground in Newark, New Jersey contains the gravestone of Thomas Longworth, who died September 4, 1748, in his 56th year. His will, dated Feb 12, 1742, names his wife Dorcas and his seven children. I know virtually nothing else about him, except that he seems to be the ancestor of many of the Longworths in America.

According to some undocumented sources Thomas came from Craggan, or Castle Craggan, Ireland, but there seems to be no evidence for that, and I think it's just one of at least three possible alternatives:
  • There is an old line of Longworths in Bolton in Moor, Lancashire, England. Roger Longworth, the Traveling Friend, who died in Pennsylvania, was from Bolton, and Thomas may have come from there as well.
  • Some of the Longworths of Bolton went to northern Ireland with the encouragement of the English government. When that encouragement did not translate into support, some of them (along with many other expatriate Englishmen), left Ireland for America. Thomas Longworth of Boston (1723) was one of these and, as the undocumented sources claim, Thomas of Newark may have been another.
  • Thomas may have been the son of an earlier immigrant. For example, Thomas Longworth of Southold, Long Island, is said to have had a son Thomas of about the right age, and his family had dealings in New Jersey.

This web site will try to present the best available information about the the family of Thomas Longworth, so that folks who are his descendants can trace their ancestry quickly and easily. In particular, the objectives of the site are to:
  • Include all the descendants of Thomas Longworth.
    (Because of size limitations I'll only be able to include descendants with the Longworth surname. However I'll try to include the spouses of the Longworth daughters, so that those of you whose ancestors married into the family will be able to trace your Longworth lines.)
  • Trace the ancestry of all of Thomas' descendants born before 1800, both male and female lines
  • Provide documentation for all entries

This site may contain errors and is certainly incomplete. If you have new or better information, please send it to me and I'll update the site on a regular basis.


See Immigrants to America before 1750, for more information about early immigrants named Langworth, Langworthy, Longworth, Longsworth and etc.

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