How to Use this Site

This site is constructed to allow you to move easily between persons and generations. If you're trying to find a particular person, first try to locate him or her using the index or the surname list. Clicking on that person's name will take you to the family card for that person.

At the center of the family card will be the person you've selected and his or her spouse. Above are their parents, and below are their kids. Clicking on a parent or child moves you to his or her family card, if it exists. Clicking on the husband or wife shows a data sheet for that person.

The personal data sheets are important: Many of them have notes at the bottom which provide information about the person, or they may contain cautions about assumptions that have been made. You'll also notice that each piece of information on the personal data sheets, like a name or a date, has a numeral superscript. That number refers to the source of that information, and clicking on the superscript will take you to the source of that data. (You may have to be patient, but the program should take you first to the top of the Sources page, and then the appropriate reference should appear at the top of your screen.)

Any words or numbers on this site that are colored (not black) are links to more information.

At the bottom of each family card or person sheet are buttons which will take you to to the main page, the index or the surname list, or to the link for sending me an email with any comments or questions you might have.