Langworthy Gedcom

If you'd like to have a gedcom of your Langworthy ancestors, I'd be glad to send one to you. This will probably be easier for you than manually copying data from this web site.

If you're not familiar with a gedcom file:

  • It's a file you can (probably) open with your genealogy program, and it should run as if you created it yourself.
  • The gedcom will contain all of your Langworthy ancestors who appear on this web site, plus all of the source references (if you want them).

If you'd like a gedcom, just send me an email (click here) with the following information:

  • The name of your nearest Langworthy ancestor. The gedcom will provide the ancestry of that person.
  • Does your program accept Gedcom 5.5 or Gedcom 4.0? If you don't know, we'll default to 5.5 and try something else if that doesn't work.
  • Do you run on Windows or a Mac?
  • Do you want sources or not?

One request: when the gedcom arrives, please do not 'import' it into your main family file. If anything goes wrong you may have a mess that will be difficult to untangle. Instead:

  • Use your genealogy program to create a new (empty) family file.
  • Import the Langworthy gedcom into that new file (using instructions provided by your genealogy program) and see how it runs.

If at some point you want to merge the Langworthy file into your main database (main family file):

  • Make a copy of your main database.
  • Open this new copy and import the Langworthy gedcom.
  • Use the copy for a while to insure that the import has been successful.
  • When you're satisfied that the copy is OK, you can rename it as your main database.

And finally, a gedcom is provided without cost or obligation. If you do pass it on, post it or publish it, an acknowledgment of the source and a reference to the Langworthy web site would be appreciated.