The Langworthy Family
by William Franklin Langworthy

The Tuttle Publishing Co., Rutland, VT, 1940

This book is the best published work on the descendants of Andrew Langworthy and Rachel Hubbard. It does have several drawbacks, which this web site attempts to correct:

  • Several branches of the family could not be traced and therefore aren't included in the book. This web site has corrected this problem, at least in part, by the extensive use of census data and input from family members.
  • This site corrects a lot of errors found in the book.
  • The book offers no documentation for the information it provides, so it's hard to judge how reliable it is. The site gives sources for every name and date it contains.
  • The book's information stops before 1940 - the site doesn't.

But on the other hand, the book does provide personal information about many individuals which this site, at present, does not. So if you'd like to get a copy of this book, or copy a few of its pages, here are a some options:

  • Until recently, the original publisher, Tuttle, offered a reprint for about $60. The reprint was on good quality paper with larger margins than the original, and had a flexible vinyl binding. In 2006 Tuttle was bought by DeWolfe and Wood, who stopped the reprint service. Robert Gard has told me that reprints are now avilable from Ancestral Books, again for about $60. I haven't had any experience with this company, so I can't vouch for the quality of the reprint. You'll find their offering here.
  • Used copies of the original book are occasionally available; a Google search may turn one up.
  • Your library may have a copy of the book. Or, if your library has a subscription to Heritage Quest, an online genealogy database, you'll find an online copy there. Some larger libraries allow their patrons remote access to Heritage Quest, and you can download the book to your hard drive in batches of 50 pages or so. The HQ version, whether online or on your hard drive is text-searchable.
  • You can rent a microfilm copy of the book through any Family History Center. It costs about three dollars and it takes about two weeks for the film to arrive. Then you can use the film at the Center for about a month and make copies of any pages that interest you. To locate a Family History Center near you, click here.

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