First Generations:

What do we know about Andrew Langworthy (ca 1675) and his family?

Revised March 2014

Note: William Franklin Langworthy (WFL) claimed that this man's name was Robert, and that he married Mary Brownell. This is clearly contradicted by vital records, land records and wills. See "Where's Robert" for a detailed argument .

A summary of what we know about Andrew follows.

Andrew (ca 1675):
  • He was probably born between 1670 and 1680, based on the ages of his children, so 1675 is not a bad guess.
  • He married Patience Brownell, daughter of Robert Brownell of Little Compton.
  • In a deed dated December 26, 1717, Andrew Langworthy says he is a husbandman of Little Compton. In that time a farmer who owned his own land was generally called a yeoman, a farmer who worked land owned by others was called a husbandman.
  • Andrew died before September 1722, when his widow, Patience, married John Sanford, a widower of Little Compton.

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Andrew's children:
  • In a deed dated 1742, Joseph Langworthy of Stonington sold rights to land in Little Compton that had come to him and his brother Thomas from their grandfather, Robert Brownell.
  • Thomas is believed to have been born in 1704.
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  • The vital records of Little Compton say that Joseph, son of Andrew, was born May 10. 1710 (Arnold, V4, p.79).
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  • WFL said that other children were Robert (the oldest) and Mary (the youngest) who both died before marrying. I've found no evidence to support WFL's statements, and no reason to doubt them.

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