Thomas Longworth of Boston

Revised January, 2008

From the Records of Boston Selectmen, 1716 - 1736 (V13 of The Report of the Records Commissioners of Boston):

  • Anno 1722' July 28th: A List of Strangers who by order of the Select men of Boston were by mr John Marion warned to be out of this Town and now given to the Town Clark in Order to be Recorded viz:
    * Thomas Longworth Lame from Casco, June 3.

It appears from this entry that Thomas was a recent arrival, probably from the area of Casco Bay, Maine. Settlers in that area had been having trouble with the Indians, and some of them left for Boston. He probably had no visible means of support so the Selectmen, fearing that he would be a burden to the town, told him to leave.

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