Roger Longworth, the Traveling Friend

Revised January, 2008

Roger Longworth was a well known "traveling Friend" (or Quaker) who was born in England and died in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The following facts have been found:

  • He was from 'Bolton in More, Lancashire'.
  • He was an educated man with good connections. In July 1683 he wrote a letter from Philadelphia to a friend in Europe saying that he had arrived there from Plymouth (England) and that he had been "at William Penn's for dinner with 6 Indian kings, and after dinner we went to a meeting, they along with us."
  • He arrived in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania from Barbados in May, 1687. He died in Bucks County and was buried there Aug 8, 1687.
  • He doesn't appear to have married or left descendants.
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