The Langworthy/Longworth/Longsworth Families of Maryland

Revised January, 2008

There are quite a few scattered references to persons named Langworth, Langworthy, Longworth and Longsworth in early Maryland records. Because spelling was more variable then than now, it's difficult to form a coherent and convincing picture of just how many individuals there were and how they were related. The following should be viewed as a first attempt, with more work required:

  • James Langworth was a member of the General Assembly of Maryland from ca 1635 to ca 1660. He seems to have died ca 1660. The will of James Langworth of St. John's, Charles County, dated August 18, 1660, mentions his wife Agatha, sons William and John, and daughters Mary and Eliza.
    (Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635 - 1789, Johns Hopkins Press; Baldwin, Maryland Calendar of Wills, V1, p.17)
  • John Longworth arrived ca 1638/9, a servant according to Skoras. He died ca 1646. His will said that if his wife refused to come to America, his estate was to go to three friends. It seems she declined to come.
    (Filby, Immigration Lists, V3, p.1811; Magruder, Index to Maryland Colonial Wills, p.299; Skoras, Early Settlers of Maryland, p.294)
  • James Langworth immigrated in 1647 and died ca 1662. He had a brother John and seems to have had a son William. Some sources say he was the brother of John, above.
  • Peter Longsworth (sometimes Longworth) arrived in 1734 on the ship Patapscoe, which carried 53 passengers in bondage from Newgate Prison.
    (Filby Supplements, V2, p.1238; Kaminkow and Kaminkow, Lists of Emigrants in Bondage, p101; Coldham, Bonded Passengers, p.170; Coldham, English Convicts in Colonial America, p.171)
  • Solomon Longsworth was probably born between 1750 and 1760, either in Maryland or Virginia. It isn't clear whether he was the son of Peter, as some sources claim, or of some other immigrant. Most members of his numerous family moved to Ohio. For more information about Solomon and his descendants, click here.
  • The 1790 Census of Maryland has no entries for Langworthy or Longworth, nor are there any through the 1840 Census. The 1790 Census shows Solomon and Robert Longsworth.

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