Goodson Langworthy of Newport

Revised January, 2008

There are two records of Goodson Langworthy in Newport:
  • On Nov 23, 1758, Goodson Langworthy married Mary Chambers at the Second Congregational Church in Newport.
    (Arnold, Vital Records of Rhode Island, V8, p.469)
  • In May, 1764 Thomas Weaver Jr., mariner alias cooper, Nathan Reed, laborer alias mariner, and Goodson Langworthy of Newport, mariner, were indicted as follows: "in the evening of 30th December 1763 with others unknown assembled having faces blackened and otherwise disguised ... broke into a chamber in Newport in possession of Benjamin Brayton of Newport, mariner, by breaking down the door, and seized Hannah Brayton, wife of Benjamin, and Content, daughter of Benjamin, and did drag (them) out and throw (them) in a Horse Cart and carry (them) to the Workhouse in Newport."
    (Fiske, Jane F., Gleanings from Newport Court Files, 1998)
I'd conclude from these records that he was a resident of Newport, but his parents and place of birth are unknown. It wouldn't be surprising if his unusual first name were the surname of his mother or another close relative.
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