Edward Langworthy of Georgia
Revised January, 2008

Edward Langworthy was born in Savannah, Georgia, in 1738. Although he was not an immigrant, I've decided to include him here because his parents, whose names are unknown, were almost certainly immigrants who founded a distinct line of Langworthys in America.

Georgia was first settled in 1733, in accordance with James Oglethorpe's plan to send to that Colony many of the debtors who crowded England's prisons. It's likely that Edward's parents were among these folk, but all we know about them is that they died when Edward was quite young. The following facts about Edward come from the Biographical History of the United States Congress, which is online.

He was raised in the Bethesda Orphan House in Savannah, and later became an instructor there. He was active in several organizations that promoted the rights of the Colonies, and was elected a member of the Continental Congress, 1777- 1779. He signed the Articles of Confederation as a member of the Georgia delegation.

He moved to Baltimore in 1785, taught at the Baltimore Academy and later was the clerk of customs. He contracted yellow fever and died in Baltimore in 1802.

Continental Currency signed by Edward Langworthy:

Image of currancy

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