The Andrew Langworthys of Early Newport, RI

Revised January, 2008

  • Andrew Langworthy, 1652
    He was baptized "at the mill" at Newport on Oct 6, 1652, and became a freeman of Newport in 1655. He married Rachel Hubbard and is known to have had at least ten children. The oldest son was Samuel, probably named for his grandfather, Samuel Hubbard. Circumstantial evidence suggests that he also had sons John, Andrew and James, Most present day Langworthys descend from Samuel, Andrew (Jr) and James.
    To see the database of his descendants, click here.
  • Andrew Langworthy, 1732
    He was born ca 1704 in Ashburton, Devonshire, England, and died Oct 19, 1750. His wife Mary was born in Dartmouth, Devonshire ca 1696, and died April 15, 1732. They were both buried in the Common Burial Ground at Newport. Nothing else is known about them.
    (Beaman, Alden G., Rhode Island Vital Records, New Series, V11, p.245)
  • Andrew Langworthy, 1733
    The will of Benedict Arnold, of Jamestown, states in his will dated May 15, 1733:
    "ITEM - I give to my apprentice, Andrew Langworthy, and to his heirs and assigns forever, my half of the township lot (No.16) that I have in possession, with my brother, Josiah Arnold, with all my shoemaker's tools and lasts and four moulds for casting mettle."
    (The Newport Historical Magazine, Vol4, No1, p.31)
  • Andrew Langworthy, 1739
    William Franklin Langworthy, in his book "The Langworthy Family" (p. 7) says that the first Andrew listed above had a son named Andrew who "died of smallpox at the fort in Newport, 1739". There are two problems with this statement:
    1. As will be shown in the discussion of the first Andrew's family, he did have a son named Andrew, but this son died ca 1720, probably in Little Compton, RI..
    2. The Newport Historical Magazine (Vol.1, No.2, July 1881) published a transcription of a manuscript of "Persons who had smallpox in Rhode Island Colony, 1739". There were about 111 people on this list, but not all of them died - in fact the mortlity rate seems to have been about 25%. There is a sub-list of 28 people "at the fort" who contracted smallpox, including one "And. Langworthy", many women and children. Of these, only 6 people are said to have died and Andrew Langworthy was not among them
    So we can conclude that there was an Andrew Langworthy at the fort in Newport in 1739 but not that he died there in 1739 .

There were probably relationships among these men and with the other Langworthys in the area, but they're unknown at present.

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