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 I've been researching my family history for more years than I want to count. Along the way many wonderful people took the time to teach me many things that allowed me to be productive in my research. This page is dedicated to all of those helpful and generous genealogists.

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I. History of and How to Use:
    1. Census Records
            Untangling Townships
           Instructions for Enumerators
    2.  Taking the Mystery Out of Land Records (now available in book form)
          Patents & Warrants Location
        Terms found in Deeds
          Explanation of Sections, Townships & Ranges
          Excellent example of How to Plot a Deed & Find Property (outside link)
          A Bit of Useful History about Deeds - Excellent (outside link)
Courthouse Research
    4. Military Records
            List of NARA Microfilm
            Revolutionary War Bounty Land
   5. Brief History of Federal Income Taxes
   6. Timeline of History
II. Genealogy Research
    1. Internet Genealogy: What's Good & What's Not (outside link)
    2. Criss-Cross Directories - Little used resource
    3. It's on the Net So It's Free Right?
    5. Discussion of the Web and Genealogy
    6. Privateering during the War of 1812
III. Fun History
    1. Use of Herbs
    2. Old Diseases
    3. Afternoon Tea
    4. Could you have Passed the 8th Grade?
    5. A Tribute to the Frontier Women
    6. Civil War Slang
    7. What She May Have Thought
    8. Browse an 1840 Cookbook (outside link)
This says it all - The Story Tellers
IV: Some Info From The States of my Ancestors
    1. Oklahoma Links
    2. Why Our Ancestors Moved to Oklahoma
    3. Short article on the History of OK & Indian Tribes
    4. A Glimpse of a Plantation Overseer's Life-NC - 1831-1841
V: Webpage Things
    1. Easy Webpage Creation
    2. Make Changing Your E-mail in your Webpages Easy




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