Kiron Kountry Maintenance Log
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This page is an attempt to provide an update log of maintenance activity.  The most recent changes to the site will be at the top of the list.


21 Sept 1999: REVISION 1 of the database. Major additions, corrections, and some merges.
08 Sept 1999: Moved Centennial and Church data to Rootsweb to gain space on 7447.
07 Sept 1999: Redesigned the navigation for the church history section.
02 Sept 1999: Reversed color scheme on church section to dark on light background.
14 July 1999: Added several picture pages to the Groups and Photos collections.
25 May 1999:  Added several more obituaries - mostly Hayes twp. decedents.
25 April 1999:  Added the Centennial program brochure.
25 Mar 1999:  Redesigned family collections for improved navigation.
20 Mar 1999:  Added some more home page links and more Gallery links.
04 Mar 1999:  Corrected Hayes Cemetery list.
01 Mar 1999:  Added links to Kiron Kountry Gallery - the image site.
08 Feb 1999:  Added a number of obituaries to the list.
24 Jan 1999:  Corrected database errors.
17 Jan 1999:  Added  some links to "home pages".
11 Jan 1999:  Added Land Ownership Table to Land Ownership Collection.
07 Jan 1999:  Added Help Wanted Projects page.
06 Jan 1999:  Added Kiron High School list of graduates to School History Collection.
05 Jan 1999:  Corrected HTML on index page to accomodate differences between Netscape and Explorer.
20 Dec 1998:  Revised layout of HomePage Table of Contents to put "Data Base" selections first. Added Main-log.
19 Dec 1998:  Town of Kiron History Collection major additions.
17 Dec 1998:  Kiron Centennial major additions with pictures.
15 Sep 1998:  Spelling corrections.
01 Sep 1998:  Uploaded several family tree printouts in the Pioneer and Old-Timers pages.
15 Aug 1998:  More directories uploaded.
18 July 1998:  More directories uploaded.
04 July 1998:  Additional directories uploaded.
15 June 1998:  Site created and first directories uploaded.