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19 Dec 1998

 'Town of Kiron' History Collection

  We are grateful that  William Norelius has made available to us, several articles from his collection which were written by his grandfather G. A. Norelius just prior to the 50th anniversary of the town in 1949 and others going back a number of years.  There is also an article by his great uncle Herbert Ward and another by one of the pioneer boys, C. N. Waldemar.  These individuals were lifelong witnesses of the development of the community from the earliest prairie days.  Descendants of the Norelius and Waldemar families still live in the area.  Also included in this section are excerpts of several of the interviews of pioneer Kiron residents that were featured in the 1963-4 Ruth Burnside Denison newspaper series.

'Town of Kiron' History Table of Contents:

Recollections by G. A. Norelius
50 Years In Business by G. A. Norelius
40th Anniversary Recollections by G. A. Norelius
History Stories by G. A. Norelius
1938 Recollections by G. A. Norelius
Recollections by H. L. Ward
Recollections by C. N. Waldemar
Recollections by Anna Lundberg Clauson
Recollections by Fred Schurke
Recollections by Leslie Larson
Recollections by Alvin Winquist
Recollections by Roy Anderson
Recollections by Edwin G. Johnson
Recollections by Albin Malmquist
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