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Kiron Kountrytm 'Connections to Sweden'  Collection

Kiron Kountry is primarily a land of immigrants. The first in the area were from the country of Sweden. This area of the library is dedicated to those brave souls who had the courage to take leave of family and friends in the old country and set out for a distant land. We salute you, the brave pioneer, for the hard work, the sacrifices, the tenacity to stick with the task. We have reaped well that which you have sown.

From Sveriges län:
Blekinge Gotland Gävleborg
Göteborg och Bohus Halland Jämtland
Jönköping Kalmar Kopparberg
Kristianstad Kronoberg Malmöhus
Norbotten Skaraborg Stockholm
Södermanland Uppsala Värmland
Västerbotten Västernorrland Västmanland
Älvsborg Örebro Östergötland
 From Somewhere in Sweden:

Skåne Småland Sweden(difficult to read)

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