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This is the story of the first church in the new settlement of Swedish immigrants.  Upon its shoulders seemed to rest the mantle of leadership for carrying the flag of moral and spiritual influence in the community.  Although they have experienced their share of troubled waters, it is somewhat refreshing to note that not only have they have prevailed and continue to do so even today but they received popular support from the community at large .  

They were the ones who mobilized their concern over the negative effects of alcoholism into keeping the town saloon-free from shortly after the beginning of the town to well into the late 1930's.  They were the ones who were influential in promoting a valuable church and school partnership which kept the activities of both from competing with each other.  They were the ones who recognized the value of the well read and educated citizen and to that end started a library which they made available to the public.  And as years passed, they were the ones who cultivated religious harmony in the community.

In this collection are various articles collected by Miss Annette Anderson, grandpa William Clauson and grandma Annie Naslund Clauson, and mother Mabel Clauson Gustafson. We have the 1968 - 100th Anniversary writeup which will be included in the future. Keep watching this page for the 1993 - 125th Anniversary writeup which we will try to include with all its color pictures intact.  Additional material whether text or photo (especially the older ones) to enhance the rich history of this organization is always welcome. 

(The written material that follows was scanned from the original and automatically converted to text using optical character reader software, OCR. Resultant text was spell and context checked but not proofread. Graphics and pictures are scanned and subjected to a minimal amount of enhancement editing.)


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