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Most old-timers will remember the Bethel Lutheran Church as a country church located in the north east part of section 31 of Wheeler Township in Sac County.  It was built on top of the hill on the west side of the road 1 and 3/4 miles north of what was then the site of the Kiron settlement - later known as Old Kiron.  As I was born and started life in a farmhouse just 1/2 mile from the church, I remember it for the bell.  This was my great, great, grandfather Lindblad's church.  Our family history indicates he loved his church and provided much time and energy as well as gifts and money.  He is buried in the church cemetery which adjoined the churches country site.

Today, the church building is located in the village of Kiron.  The rural church burned down over 30 years ago and the congregation selected a site in town as a more favorable for its future mission.  A few years ago, the Rosenquists gifted the town site with Swedish Bell Tower replica.  This stands as a continuing reminder of the Swedish heritage of the original membership as well as a point of interest in the community.

The source of most of the following information came from a booklet prepared in 1950 for the 75 Anniversary of the church. Additional material whether text or photo (especially the older ones) to enhance the history of this organization is always welcome.

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