1950 Pictures of Bethel Lutheran Church and Church Groups
1950 Pictures of Church and Church Groups

   Bethel Lutheran Church, Kiron, Iowa -- 1950

Interior View -- The Chancel -- 1950

The Bethel Parsonage -- Prior to 1925

The Congregation of Bethel Lutheran Church, Kiron, Iowa -- 1950

  The Sunday School of Bethel Lutheran Church, Kiron, Iowa -- 1950
Front Row -- Judy Ann Buller, Allen Wangler, Linda Lundell, Steven Lundell, Marilyn Berg, Larry Berg, Jummy Lundell.
Second Row -- Cleone Carlson, Karen Johnson, Sharon Ann Larson, Sharon Johnson, Janie Hard, Delores Wangler, Norman Bergman, Dennis Kollbaum, Billy Carlson.
Third Row -- Mervin Buller, Myrna Kay Danielson, Beverly Johnson, Adrain Bergman.
Fourth Row -- Frances Ogren, Donna Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Emily Bergman, Nancy Johnson, Mavis Wangler.
Back Row -- C.E. Dahl, Mrs. Dahl, Mrs. Bayard Johnson, Mra. Herbert Johnson, Fredena Carlson, Mrs. M. E. Lundell, Mrs. Allen Ogren, Herbert Johnson.  (S.S. Teachers and Officers.)

Luther League

Front Row -- Mrs. Les. Larson,Jr., Lael Dahl, Kenneth Johnson, Frances Lundell.
Second Row -- Mrs. Bayard Johnson, Ellen Wangler, Mrs. Frank Berg, Mrs. C. E. Dahl, Mrs. M.E. Lundell.
Third Row -- Donald Peterson, Lester Carlson, Mrs. Lester Carlson, Fredena Carlson, LaVerne Johnson, Glen Peterson, Chester Ogren.
Fourth Row -- John Ogren, Warren Lundell, Mrs. Herbert Johnson, Mrs. Allen Ogren, Harold Peterson, Les Larson, Jr.
Back Row -- Floyd Bergman, Bayard Johnson, George Carlson, Allen Ogren, John Eckstrom.


Back Row -- Martin Berg, Bayard Johnson, David Johnson, Herbert Reed, Enoch Anderson, Harry Reed, John Eckstrom, Arnold Lundell, Herbert Johnson.
Fourth Row -- Glen Peterson, Floyd Danielson, Harold Peterson, C.E. Dahl, Herbert Ward, LaVerne Johnson, F.E. Lundell, Harold Lundell, Allen Ogren.
Third Row -- Fred Ogren, Floyd Bergman, Les Larson, Jr., George Lundell, George Johnson, C.R. Lundell, G.A. Norelius.
Second Row -- Martin Lundell, Chester Ogren, B.E. Leonard, Frank Berg, Edwin G. Johnson.
Front Row -- Oacar Danielson, M.A. Sandstrom, Lester Carlson, Warren Lundell, James Wangler.

Ladies Aid and Woman's Missionary Society

Back Row -- Minnie Lundell, Mrs. Fred Ogren, Mrs. M. E. Lundell, Mrs. F. E. Lundell.
Fifth Row -- Mrs. Edwin G. Johnson, Mrs. Clarence Fuller, Elsie Norelius, Mrs. Herbert Johnson, Mrs. M. A. Sandstrom.
Fourth Row -- Mrs. Iver Sundell, Mrs. H. L. Ward, Mabel Linderholm, Mrs. Lester Carlson, Mrs Russell Linman, Mrs. Frank Berg, Irene Carlson, Mrs. Edwin Eckstrom.
Third Row -- Mrs. Oscar Danielson, Mrs. J. E. Baker, Mrs. George Johnson, Mrs. George Lundell, Mrs. Allen Ogren, Mrs. David Johnson, Mrs. Bayard Johnson, Mrs. Perry Hard, Mrs. Elmer Swanson, Ferdena Carlson.
Second Row -- Mrs. B. E. Leonard, Mrs. C. L. Seivers, Mrs. C. W. Nelson, Mrs. Minnie Ogren, Mrs. Les Larson, Jr., Mrs. Britta Peterson, Hazel Reed, Mrs. C. E. Dahl.
Front Row -- Mrs. C. R. Lundell, Mrs. Fred Johnson, Mrs. C. O. Berg, Mrs. P. A. Peterson, Mrs. G. A. Norelius, Mrs. Selma Peterson.

Fellowship Groups (Young Married Couples)

Top Row -- Lester Carlson, Mrs. Lester Carlson
Third Row -- Elmer Hard, Mrs. Elmer Hard, Mrs. Harold Lundell, Harold Lundell, Mrs. Herbert Johnson, Herbert Johnson.
Second Row -- Arnold Lundell, Mrs. Arnold Lundell, Mrs. Floyd Danielson, Floyd Danielson, Mrs. Frank Berg, Frank Berg.
Front Row -- Warren Lundell, Mrs. Warren Lundell, Mrs. Les Larson, Jr., Mrs. Allen Ogren, Allen Ogren.

Board Of Administration

Second Row -- (Trustees) Allen Ogren, John Eckstrom, Fred Ogren, Elmer Hard, Herbert Peterson, James Wangler.
Front Row -- (Deacons) Frank Berg, Oscar Danielson, C. E. Dahl, Lester Carlson, Russell Linman, Herbert Johnson, Glen Peterson.

Mr. P. G. Lundell                       Mrs. G. A. Norelius                         Mr. A. S. Teaquist

 Christian Leaders From Bethel Congregation
Rev. Victor Lindblad  --  Rev. Herbert Linden
Rev. Floyd Johnson -- Mabel Cronquist Smith

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