History Of The First Swedish Pioneers

History Of The First Swedish Pioneers by C.J.Johnson

Printed in 1915. Reprinted and Name Linked in 1997.

1998 Editors Note: Mr. C. J. Johnson was born Carl Johan Johansson on the Falla farm in Törnsfalla parish in Kalmar län, Sweden. Geographically, his birthplace is located in the old Swedish province of Småland and but a short distance north and west of the present day city of Västervik. Like so many other Swedish immigrants, he preferred the name of Charles probably to distinguish himself from all the other Carl Johnsons arriving from Sweden.

Mr. Johnson is far too modest in his self assessment of his ability and his accomplishments. Despite his lack of formal education, he demonstrated his grasp of the English language right from the start. He represented the "Swedish Settlement" as county supervisor starting in the late 1870's. He was designated 'Enumerator' or data collector for all the federal and Iowa state census after 1870 for Stockholm and Jackson townships. His carpentry and construction knowledge was recognized by his fellow county officials who selected him to set up the building program for the new facility to house the county offices.

His service to his neighbors is evidenced by the multitude of documents he prepared in English for his Swedish speaking brethren. He was instrumental in getting school facilities for the children of the area and served as custodian of the property. A member of the Swedish Baptist church, he undertook the construction of its first building in rural Stockholm township for a very modest fee.

 He continued to live and farm in the Kiron area until advanced years came upon him.  He sold his farm to the Bakers and moved to stay at the home of his daughter in Woodbury County shortly before he wrote this history. He passed away shortly thereafter and is buried in the cemetery in the Morningside area of Sioux City.

His work is reprinted here because it remains the most significant, authentic, and extensive documentation created by a native of the area.   Physical copies of the original are difficult to acquire.  Fortunately it has been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. However access to their library system is not very practical geographically for people of Kiron.  The following reprint is intended to overcome that access difficulty.

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