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Descendants of Samuel Guile of Haverhill, who came from England in 1636, are shown in the Guile-Gile-Guiles Genealogy published April 1997.

This book has 960 pages showing over 9,000 established descendants of Samuel Guile of Haverhill plus spouses - a total of 16,900 names. Men who served in the Revolutionary War and most other conflicts are identified. It also includes a report on the family ancestry in England, the result of over 2 years of professional research. Most people in North America, whose surname is Guile, Gile, Guiles; also Gyle, Guyle, Guyles; are descendants of Samuel Guile of Haverhill. Library copies of the Guile - Gile - Guiles Genealogy book may be seen at numerous public libraries.

It is with great regret to inform the reader that John C. Gile, the author of this book, died peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at the age of 95 years. He loved doing genealogical research and discussing family lines with anyone who would talk with him about it. We miss him.

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