Jane Francis Randolph was born April 5, 1842 in Milam Sabine Co. Texas to  Elizabeth Rives (no one is sure of her last name some believe it is Kendrick) and possibly Littleton Randolph. Littleton is the father of the other children in the family but Jane's father is very possibly a man with the last name of Lockman.  December 21, 1853 Jane married Jacob E. Bollinger Allbright. Jane died July 23, 1910 in Hunt, Kerr Co., Texas.

Littleton Randolph was born abt. 1790 in Richland Co., SC to Hugh Randolph and Elizabeth Lott.  He died sometime after 1840 in Texas.  Littleton was married to Elizabeth Rives.

Mary Ann Randolph
b. abt 1828
m.May 26, 1840 in Marshall Harrison Co. Texas  to Jacob LaGrone (they eloped)

George Washington Randolph
b. June 6, 1833 in Aberdene, Monroe Co., MS
m. Elizabeth Long
d. aft 1869

James Warren Randolph
b. April 2, 1839 in Milam, Sabine Co., Texas
m. Caroline Trindall

John Madden Randolph
b. January 29, 1839 in Milam, Sabine Co., Texas
m. Mary Jane Anderson
d. September 24, 1909

Jane Frances Randolph
b. April 5, 1842 in Milam, Sabine Co., Texas
m. December 21, 1853 in Burleson Co., Texas to Jacob Allbright
d. July 23, 1910 in Hunt, Kerr Co., Texas

Hugh Randolph was born May 16, 1756 in Chester Co., SC to James Randolph (I don't have a name for his mother).  Hugh married Elizabeth Lott.  He died about 1843 in Huntsville, Franklin co., AL

James Randolph
b. September 26, 1782

Elizabeth Randloph
b. abt 1784

Joseph Randolph
b. abt 1786 i Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN

Permilia Randolph
b. October 13, 1787 in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN
m. Cardell Sheffield
d. July 27, 1870

George Randolph
b. abt 1788

Littleton Randolph
b. abt 1790 in Richland Co., SC
m. Elizabeth Rives
d. aft 1840 in Texas

Ann Randolph
b. abt 1790
m. David Fuller

John Randolph
b. abt 1792

Pricilla Randolph
b. abt 1794

Parmelia Randolph
b. abt 1796

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