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This website was created to provide a central site for "bringing together" the Gose family history for all Goses or Gose researchers in the U.S.… To help confirm, clarify and document… to provide reference sources and archiving, and to generally provide support and assistance with your genealogical research on Gose family ancestry...  And last but not least, we hope you have fun with this website and your genealogical journey as you learn more about those who came before us to help pave the road of life that we walk today.  It's up to us to carry on this tradition with the caring and concern that our ancestors devoted to it during their time on this earth...  For without this effort, there is no legacy for the future.



This is the HomePage of the Gose Surname Resource Center. The Table of Contents below contains a categorical list of links to other pages in this website which in turn present progressively deeper levels of information and links to other pages or websites within the subject category. (i.e. Hierarchical Organization)


To "get connected" with others who may be researching your particular Gose family line and/or to obtain assistance with your research, provide us with your basic family line and email contact information by completing the form in the "Contribute Your Information" section. Your contact information will then be added to the appropriate Gose family line within the "Researchers" section of this website.


This site is maintained by members of the Gose Family and/or descendants thereof. The designer, coordinator and webmaster of this surname resource center is Ted Gose. To contact him via email, click below.

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Genealogists may use the information provided here freely.   However, this or other pages of this website, and the information they provide may not be copied for commercial use of any kind.

Please Note: We consider the music presented on various pages of this website to be an important part of the fun and enjoyment of this website. We hope you enjoy it.  If you cannot hear music when you view this page, you may need to download a newer version of an Audio Player such as REAL PLAYER.  Basic versions are available on the internet at no charge.