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Our GORE / GOAR Family Cousins
The following cousins are listed for you to meet each other. Compare your line with those listed here. If you find a common ancestor with someone, count up to the common ancestor and subtract 1. The result will be your 'cousin' relationship. Example: If a common ancestor is 5 counts up, then you are 4th cousins!
When we have enough entries, the lines will be grouped, each on it's own page. 
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Samuel GORE m. Elizabeth HILL 
Hannah GORE m. Stephen GIFFORD 
Hannah GIFFORD m. Samuel CALKINS 
Stephen CALKINS m. Mary CURTIS 
Joseph CALKINS m. Deborah CRIPPEN 
Almira CALKINS m. Lester A. WOODS 
Ellen A. WOODS m. Sears H. RAYMOND 
Ellen A. RAYMOND m. Charles N. DODD 
Frank L. DODD m. Cora L. HALL 
Leslie J. DODD m. Amelia C. CHRISTENSEN 
Charles N. DODD m. Madeline J. MYERS 
contact: [email protected] 
John GORE m. Margaret (?) 
Joseph GORE m. Mary ALISON 
John GORE m. Mary MADERAS 
Henry GORE, Sr. m. Margaret (?) 
Isaac GORE m. Ingabo(r) BYRD 
John GORE m. Lydia THOMAS 
Andrew Jackson GORE m. Iona Jane WRIGHT 
William Robert GORE m. Zeola Lee KIRKPATRICK 
Lester Wayne GORE m. Mazel Avis McGEE 
Joyce GORE m. Coy GABBERT 
Joyce GORE m. Ferris LOCKE 
contact: Joyce Locke
John Gore m. Margaret (?) 
Joseph GORE, Jr. m. Mary ALLISON 
John GORE m. Mary MADERAS 
Henry GORE, Sr. m. #2 Ann Catherine KELLER 
Henry GORE, Jr. m. Susanna SWINNEY 
William Allen GORE m. Isabella Jane CAMPBELL 
Holbert George GORE m. Emma BOBBITT 
Ival Clay Richard GORE m. Ethel M. DICKEY 
Clay Richard GORE m. Sylvia Fern ALLEN 
Ethyl(Mickey) GORE m. Dennis Ray FINE 
[email protected]
My smail is: Mickey Fine, 201 SE 3rd St., Tuttle, Ok. 73089 
James GORE (ca 1680-ca 1717) m. Mary BURKE (?) or MANNEN (?) 
Thomas GORE (ca 1712-1765) m. Elizabeth (DOWDEN?) 
Thomas GORE (ca 1750-1805) m. Sarah POOLE 
(Penny notes that these three generations HAVE NOT BEEN PROVEN but is a very good hunch. 
If anyone has proof or other information she would love to hear from you! The remainder have 
been proven.)

John GORE (1805- ca 1852) m. Sarah WHATLEY 
Mary Jane GORE (1827-1887) m. James A. WATSON 
Francis Elizabeth WATSON (1848-1936) m. James William SCOTT 
Mary Texana SCOTT (1868-1936) m. Hiram J. Garner HIRAM 
Jesse GARNER (1885-1973) m. Ida Catherine SKAINS 
Irene Ida SKAINS (1912- m. Noah Isaac DENNIS 
Lloyd Emon DENNIS (1934- m. Billie Jo SLATE 
Penny Joy DENNIS (1955- m. Joseph Wayne HOLMES 
Penny Dennis Holmes

GORE (b.SC) m. ? 
Thomas GORE (SC 1813-AR 1892) m. Margaret Ann POOLE 
Thomas Milton GORE (AL 1872-AR 1942) m. Lela Maud PARK 
Claudia Mabel GORE (AR 1906-NM 1949) m. Willie Marvin LAND 
Tommy Milton LAND (TX 1933-TX 1960) m. Hazel Lillian GOLD 
Claudia Janell "Connie" LAND (NM 1950- ) m. Dennis McKinley CLARK 
Contact:[email protected]
JAMES GORE I b: Abt 1680 d: Abt May 1717 +Mary ? b: Abt 1685 d: 1769
JAMES GORE II b: 07 Nov 1707 d: 29 Oct 1784 +Elizabeth Dowden b: 29 Aug 1716 d: Nov 1788
JOHN ASHFORD GORE I b: 1745 d: 1840 +Mary McColpin 
JOHN ASHFORD GORE II of SC b: 04 Jul 1784 +RACHEL SPENCER b: 1792 d: 27 Nov 1856 
THOMAS SILAS GORE, SC->AL->AR b: 28 Mar 1813 d: 25 Mar 1892 (*3rd Wife)+MARGARET ANN POOLE b: Jan 1837 d: 1918
THOMAS MILTON GORE, AR, b: 02 Mar 1872 d: 30 Aug 1942 +LELA MAUDE PARK b: 16 Jan 1880 d: 18 Ap 1976 
GULDMAR PAT GORE b: 22 Oct 1901 d: 02 May 1966 +MILDRED VELMA MARTIN b: 07 Jan 1904 d: 13 Sep 1971
DOYLE EDMOND GORE b: 14 Jul 1931 d: 21 Feb 1988 +JULIA RUTH IVY b: 12 Nov 1933 d: 22 Sep 1992 

Duane Gore

James GORE I b Abt 1680(Prince George Co. MD)m/Mary BURKE(?MADDEN)
James GORE II b 7 Nov 1707Prince George Co. MD) m/Elizabeth DOWDEN b 29 Aug 1716 Michael GORE b1742 MD m/Pricilla SAYERS
James GORE III b1770 Rockbridge Co. VA m/Rebecca ROSSb 1771/1775 
Thomas GORE b 1807 Rockbridge Co. VA m/Achsa WHITACRE b 1823 OH
George W. GORE b 4 Apr 1844/OH m/Emmeline Mary Wykoff b/Jan 1840/PA
Ida Mae GORE b 22 Jan 1873/WI m/ Edward Henry SNYDER b 4 Apr 1866/PA
Esther Idella SNYDER b 2 Apr 1901/PA m/ Layton Brooks BENNETT b 6 Apr 1896/PA 
Pete BENNETT b 1939/Sinnamahoning, PA

Pete Bennett

John Pleasent Gore (b. 2 Feb 1823) married Nancy ???
Pleasent Pinkney Gore (b. 12 Jan 1857) married Louise A. Starling
Maggie Natie Gore (b. 15 Oct. 1892) married James Ovel Jenkins
Comer Harris Jenkins (b. 13 Aug 1924) married Doris Darlene Weisz
Ron Jenkins

Ron Jenkins

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