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Bobbitt, Emma
Buckles, Mary Louisa
Byars, Cecil Napoleon
Byars, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Byars, Helen Leona
Byars, James Taylor
Craig, Louisa Anna
Goar, Clement Isaac 1 2
Goar, Joseph Fletcher 1  2
Goar, Robert Clemme
Goar, Sarah Elizabeth
Gore, Ader Elizabeth
Gore, Allene 1  2
Gore, Allie Molein
Gore, Althea Belle Gist
Gore, Alton Boyd
Gore, Alvis Knight
Gore, Anice Ella
Gore, Annie Elizabeth
Gore, Arthur Benjamin, Sr.
Gore, Aude
Gore, Carrie Belle 'Pink'
Gore, Charles Dillon
Gore, Charner Hal
Gore, Claudia Mabel
Gore, Delia Frances Martin 1  2
Gore, Donald Leo
Gore, Dovie
Gore, Ester
Gore, Ethel
Gore, Eugene Shafter
Gore, Evelyn
Gore, Everett
Gore, Gladys
Gore, Gracie Lee Braly
Gore, Guldmar Pat
Gore, Gustavus Lafayette
Gore, Gwendolyn
Gore, Gwendolyn Marie
Gore, Hamilton Aldine
Gore, Hamilton May
Gore, Hampton
Gore, Harlon Smith  1  2 3
Gore, Hayden
Gore, Helen Isabel
Gore, Henry Clay
Gore, Holbert George 
Gore, Howard Boone
Gore, Irene   1  2
Gore, Jake 
Gore, James Elmer
Gore, James Irl
Gore, Jessie
Gore, John Henry
Gore, Joseph Pearl    12
Gore, Joshua Boyd
Gore, Joshua Tolbert
Gore, Julia Merle
Gore, Laura Mellos
Gore, Lela Maude Park
Gore, Lena
Gore, Lena Nevader  1  2
Gore, Lewis Arthur
Gore, Lincoln
Gore, Lonnie
Gore, Louis
Gore, Maggie Achseth Ozzella Lamb
Gore, Mamie Belle
Gore, Margaret
Gore, Mary Addie
Gore, Mary Paralee 1  2 3
Gore, Maude Labrada
Gore, Milton
Gore, Morris
Gore, Nancy Elizabeth
Gore, Nancy Jane
Gore, Nannie Belle
Gore, Nannie Elizabeth Gray
Gore, Nannie Mae
Gore, Perry Andrew  1  2
Gore, Reuel 
Gore, Ronald Lee
Gore, Ruby Verna
Gore, Rufus Boone
Gore, Rufus Tolbert
Gore, Ruthie
Gore, Sylvester 'Gawky'
Gore, Terra Ella
Gore, Thomas
Gore, Thomas Earnest
Gore, Thomas McMillan
Gore, Thomas Newton
Gore, Thomas Silas
Gore, Thomas Tindall   
Gore, Thurman Earnest    1 2
Gore, Tinnie
Gore, Virginia Catherine
Gore, Wiley
Gore, William Marion
Gore, Willie Silas   1 2
Hatton, Stephen R.
James, Francis Adrian
Moorehead, George
Moorehead, Johnnie Bernice
Moorehead, Mary Caroline Gore
Morgan, Nancy Ann
Parker, Rozelle
Poole, Margaret Ann
Toney, Squire
Walker, Ida   12
Walker, Ida
Walker, John
Walker, Willis Berry