The GORE Family Discussion List


Gore Family Discussion List

To join us please send a message to: [email protected] and put the word subscribe in the body of your message. If your mail systems requires a subject, anything will do, the list will disregard the subject.

To subscribe in digest form, send your message to: [email protected]

You do seem to need to do this exactly as shown, for instance do not use: sub, SUB, SUBSCRIBE. They also ask that you turn OFF any signature file on your email.

TO   POST   TO THE LIST, THE ADDRESS IS: [email protected]


Please take time to print out the welcome message you will receive. It contains important information should you ever decide to 'unsubscribe' or change in any other way. Take my word for it, you will eventually need this information on any list to which you subscribe. It is next to impossible to get off a list if you don't have an exact address and the correct command.
Please note that activity may seem slow or even non-existent at times. Please do your part to keep the ball rolling by posting any query you have on your line. Use this to work out conflicting information with another cousin. Use it to find publications you have been having trouble finding. As long as you state a Gore connection and it is in good taste, use the list to obtain information on surnames tied to the Gores. We are here to help in any way possible.

The list is set up so that when you hit your 'reply to' button, the message will go back to the sender, NOT the list.

Let's have fun! But please, no flaming. I have no problem with family stories or receipes as long as they don't get out of hand. If you have information for someone that would not be of interest to the group as a whole, please mail them direct.

If you have any problems with subscribing or any of the commands, please drop me a line. I can also add or remove you from the list from here if you have any trouble.

Your cooperation on these points will be appreciated.

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