Fred Fernanan Steinke's Kinship Report
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Fred Fernanan Steinke's Kinship Report

Relative Relationship
, Marie W Spouse of son
, Mary Spouse of son
BATHKE, Rosena Kathern Spouse
BEHLING, Herman Frank Carl "Harry" Spouse of granddaughter
CZERVON, Marie Farr Spouse of son
MARTENS, Clemence Adele Spouse of grandson
MEYER, Martha Maria Dorthea Spouse of grandson
NABEACK, Bertha Spouse of grandson
NEWMAN, Augusta Spouse of grandson
NORMAN, Marie H Spouse of grandson
RUDOLPH, Bertha Marie Spouse of grandson
SCHREINER, Bertha Catherine Spouse of grandson
STEINKE, Albert Grandson
STEINKE, Anna Granddaughter
STEINKE, Bessie Granddaughter
STEINKE, Charles A Son
STEINKE, Cora Granddaughter
STEINKE, Edward Fred Grandson
STEINKE, Ella Granddaughter
STEINKE, Emil C Grandson
STEINKE, Emil Paul Grandson
STEINKE, Ernst Walter Grandson
STEINKE, Ferdinand Son
STEINKE, Frederick Leopold Son
STEINKE, Fritz Grandson
STEINKE, George Grandson
STEINKE, Gertrude Bertha Granddaughter
STEINKE, Haddie Granddaughter
STEINKE, Helena Granddaughter
STEINKE, Herman August Grandson
STEINKE, Johanna Daughter
STEINKE, Lawrence Grandson
STEINKE, Martha Granddaughter
STEINKE, Melinda Granddaughter
STEINKE, Otto Grandson
STEINKE, Walter Grandson
STEINKE, William Fred Grandson
STORM, Friedrick Willhelm Eliagh Spouse of granddaughter
STORM, Henry Julius Spouse of granddaughter
STURMER, Caroline Spouse of son

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