Biographical History of Pottawattmie Co., IA - Charles M. HARL
Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa

B. HARCOURT is the proprietor of the Harcourt Nursery, which is becoming well known, reliable and popular.  It is located in Grove Township, in the eastern part of Pottawattamie County, and was started in 1885.  At present twenty acres are devoted to nursery stock and small fruits.  By care, observation, experiments and the expenditure of much time and money, Mr. Harcourt has been successful in placing before the people of this county hardy and productive nursery stock, which is well adapted for the soil and climate of southwestern Iowa.  For the earnest efforts put forth in this direction he is entitled not only to a large patronage but also to the grateful thanks of all who are interested in fruit culture in this part of the State.  Mr. Harcourt has 10,000 trees of the best and most popular varieties ready for spring trade.  The fact is an assured one that southwestern Iowa for fruit is not excelled in the West.

Mr. Harcourt was born in Green County, Wisconsin, April 2, 1846, the son of Daniel and Margaret (Conner) Harcourt, both natives of Indiana.  In 1850, when he was four years old, the family moved to Jasper County, Iowa, and were early settlers there.  At that place he was reared on a farm, and received his education in the public schools.  In 1871 Mr. Harcourt removed from Jasper County to Pottawattamie County, and settled in Grove Township, where he has since resided.  He had bought the land on which he resides in 1870.  At that time there were but two houses between this point and Walnut, and to the north but one house could be seen for miles.  Mr. Harcourt owns eight acres, a fourth of which is devoted to his nursery.  It is his intention to increase the size of his nursery and give his whole attention to it.  His farm is well improved.  He has a comfortable cottage home, a barn, good fences, etc.

In 1866, in Jasper County, Iowa, Mr. Harcourt wedded Miss Sarah Hill, a native of Indiana.  They have eight children, viz.: Frank E.; Arthur W., a successful teacher of Grove Township; Joshua J., John R., Katty, Jessie, Inez and Ward.  Three of their children died in infancy.

Politically Mr. Harcourt is a Republican.  He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is an earnest and active worker in the cause of religion.   It was by his efforts and labor that Spring Creek Church was organized and established in Center Township.  He has served as class-leader, steward and trustee of the church.   Mr. Harcourt is a man in the prime of life, is a good converser, a pleasant companion and a popular citizen.

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