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flashing ball#1 Thomas Goble Tree

The descendants of Thomas Goble (1590/91-1657) and Alice Brookman of Aldingbourne, Sussex, England. Thomas and Alice were among the first settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This database also includes the father of Thomas Goble, Willim (William) Goble "de Westergate" born in Tillington, Petworth, Sussex.
Last year (2012) I changed computers after a crash hoping never to lose information again! My new Mac, while lovely in many ways is not a willing participant with many of my genealogy programs. I have finally updated this file using Ged-Gen for PC having to transfer all my files back to PC. It's been a challenge. Please let me know what you think of the new format. [email protected]

#2 English Lines

English Lines of Richard Goble (About 1663-Unknown) and Ann Winter of Fernhurst, Sussex, England. Descendants migrated to Utah in the mid 1800s. Also included in this database are James Goble (1684-Unknown) and Alice of England. Descendants include Nathan Goble & Elizabeth Alywin and James Goble & Walsingham Sheppard. Contains descendants who migrated to Australia and South Africa.

#3 Australian Gobles

This is a small database of known Australian Gobles. They are descendants of several different Goble ancestors. One tree starts with Charles Goble and Anne Eaton. Their son George Goble married Alice Coughlin in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia where they had 10 children. Another line began with Edward Charles Goble and Martha Fletcher. A third line begins with Sidney Charles Goble. This one is still under construction and we need contributions of information to make it viable.

#4 English Hawkhurst Tree

This database contains the descendants of John Goble (Born before 1638- Died February 1668/69) and Mary Foster of Hawkhurst, Kent, England. Includes descendants who migrated to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

#5 German Tree

This database contains the descendants of Hans (Johann) Jacob Gabel (1670-Unknown) and Maria Margretha Rheinmueller of Germany. Gabel, Gobble and Goble versions of the name are included in this file. Ancestors and descendants of Christian/Christopher Gabel of the Revolutionary War are in this line.

#6 Irish Tree

This is a small listing of known Irish emigrants and their descendants. George Goble (1787 - Unknown) and Hezekiah W. Goble (1832-1897) are included. As additional Irish ancestors and descendants are located they will be added to the file.

#7 Southern Goble Tree

Descendants of John Goble (1725/1735-c1813) and wife Peggy of Lincoln County, North Carolina. This John is a possible 4th or 5th generation descendant in the Thomas Goble tree, however the connection has not as yet been made. Descendants are from sons Cornelius Goble, who lived in Lincoln and Iredell counties in North Carolina and later in Rabun and Gilmer counties in Georgia; and Corban Goble who lived in Lincoln and Iredell counties in North Carolina.

#8 Unconnected

Over 12,100 Goble ancestors yet to be connected to a specific tree. We have many lines represented that are sizeable. If you can't find your ancestor, please contact us for information and we will add your tree to this database. We connect cousins every week!

#9 French

This is a new and very small database designed to begin research of our French cousins. The variant spellings of the GOBLE name include: GOBEIL, GOBEILLE, GOBEL, and GOEBEL.

#10 South Africa

NEW Database - Slightly over 250 individuals are represented in this tree. Many are descendants of Richard Holmes Goble from Brighton, England who sailed to South Africa in 1862. Others are descendants of Blake Goble born in Portsea, Hampshire, England and settling in Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa.

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