Map of Tübingen-Dußlingen

Tübingen-Dußlingen Area

[Tübingen-Dußlingen Map] Tübingen is an old, historic city located on the Neckar River, about 25 miles from Stuttgart. It's particularly famous for its old university which was founded in the 1400's. Today Tübingen has a population of 80,000 residents and a student population of 24,000. Modern development has taken place to the north of the city, but the Altstadt, or Old Town, between the Österberg and Schloßberg, Neckar and Ammer, remains as it has for centuries, with crooked little streets and numerous half-timbered houses.

The village of Dußlingen (Dusslingen) is the ancestral home of the Broyles/Briles family. (See below for detailed map of Dußlingen.) It's located about 5 miles south of Tübingen and is located on the Steinlach River which feeds the Neckar. It's served by a rail line into the city. Records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dußlingen date from the 1630's.

A map of Baden-Württemberg is available.

[Dußlingen Detail Map]

Here you can see the details of Dußlingen. Contains most of village, but unfortunately the bottom of the map goes right thru town!

Note: The church (red rectangle with cross), and cemetery (Friedhof) behind it.

Note: Area called Brühlhag (Bruehlhag), and streets labeled Im Brühl (Bruehl). Brühl means 'wetlands'. The Brühlhag is a wetland that's enclosed by hedgerows. Im Brühl means the road is in the wetlands.

Scale is very roughly 1000' per inch.

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