Marriage of Johannes and Ursula

Marriage of Johannes and Ursula

This one is easily the messiest of the bunch! It's also one the most interesting because it establishes the link between Ötisheim and Dußlingen. In fact, the marriage was recorded in both churches because it was common practice for the pastors to record marriages of their town's native sons and daughters that occurred in other parishes. The Dußlingen entry is undated but is sometime after August 1703, and it states that Hans Breÿel, weaver, son of Conrad Breÿel married Ursula, daughter of Hans Jacob Ruop in Öthisheim (sic).

The marriage took place less than a month after the accidental death of Johannes's father Conrad.

This is a scanned version of a photocopy of a microfilm image. The microfilm image shows more fine line detail and subtlety than can be shown here.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ötisheim


(6 Nov 1703) Wúrden copuliert Johannes Breihel, Conrad Breihels sel.
geweßener bürger__ ___ wohinn(?), zúr Dúßling, Tübing Ambts,
hinterlaßener ehel. Sohn; Und Ursula, Jacob Ruopen Sel.
geweßener bürger und TodtGräber allhier hinterlaßene ehel.


(6 Nov 1703) Were joined together, Johannes Breihel, surviving legitimate
son of the late Conrad Breihel, citizen ___, of Dußlingen, Tübingen
office; and Ursula, surviving legitimate daughter of the late Jacob
Ruop, who was citizen and gravedigger from here.

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