Death of Mattheus Bre hel

Death of Mattheus

Sadly, children are among the most common entries in the death records. Johannes and Ursula seem to have lost several of their children but for some reason the deaths are not recorded other than that of Mattheus. The pastors were pretty good at noting the deaths, and they often went back to the christening records and put a small cross next to the name of the person who died, as well as recording their death. (You'll see such a small cross next to Mattheus's christening record.)

We know the twin Conrad must have died because the name was used again for another son. Son Jerg Martin must also have died, but there is no record of his death either. Perhaps he perished on the trip to America.

This is a scanned version of a photocopy of a microfilm image. The microfilm image shows more fine line detail and subtlety than can be shown here.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ítisheim


Jahr ˙nd Tag Tod Informationen
d. 24. Jul.
Starb Joh. Bre hel, Webern, ein S÷hnlin, nahmens
Mattheus, und w˙rde seq. die, warr(?) Fer. Jacobi, christl. z˙r
Erden bestattet, alt 2 Jahr.


Year and Day Death Information
24 July
Died, of Johannes Bre hel, weaver, a young son named
Mattheus, and on the next day, the Day of James the Apostle,
[July 25] was placed in the earth in Christian fashion, 2 years old.

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