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  1. Click here to go to the Search Engines page.  On this page, you will be able to search ALL the Archived Mailing Lists at RootsWeb, or you may navigate to specific Archives, such as BROYLES, WILHITE, GERMANNA_COLONIES, etc.

    You may also search all the pages here on this BROYLES/BRILES Family History Web Site, as well as do searches on Library OF Congress documents, World GenWeb Archives, Genealogy Medical Terms, Global Surname records (by state and date), and finally, you may search of all the registered pages of the Rootsweb Genealogical Data Cooperative.

  2. Links to Internet Search Engines.  I would suggest you first try Meta Crawler.  It makes use of all the other search engines to look for your searches.

  3. Our Guest Book.  PLEASE! click on "Our Guest Book" and sign in.  We need your input.

  4. New page for "Germanna Photos" !!!!  A page devoted to photographs and other graphics (such as land plats and deeds, birth certificates, wills, etc.) that relate to Germanna immigrants, the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, German villages of our ancestors, etc..  You not only can view and download these graphics files, you may also have your own photo gallery posted here.  CHECK IT OUT !!!!!

  5. John BLANKENBAKER's "GERMANNA Notes" Page.  Information on all the GERMANNA Colonies, in the form of "Short Notes".  If you are interested in learning the history of our Germanna ancestors, this is "mandatory" reading.

  6. John "Ken" BROYLES' Page of BROYLES Publications.  If you need source documents for information on the BROYLES/BRILES family, and on related families such as WILHOIT/WILHITE, BLANKENBAKER, FLESHMAN, WAYLAND, Y�GER/YAGER/YEAGER, KINDLE, FOX, BIRD, PAINTER, WALTERS, etc., this is the place to go. Ken's publications, BROYLES Family Ties (10 Volumes with Indices), BROYLES Family Newsletter (Bi-Monthly), Dr. Keith's TypeScript, etc., are listed along with prices, shipping. etc.

  7. GERMAN CHURCH RECORDS by Steve Broyles.  Verification and extension of the work of Cerny & Zimmerman.  (Birth, death, & marriage records of JOHANNES BREYHEL and his family.  Photocopies of the original German records.  Transcribed into German and English.)

  8. Web Pages & E-Mail Addresses of 1714 and 1717 Germanna descendants and researchers.

  9. Cumberland Family Tree for Windows Genealogy Program.  If you're looking for the Premier genealogy program, look no further.  It's here !!!

  10. Message List Servers for BROYLES, WILHITE, GERMANNA COLONIES, and other related groups.

  11. Click here to link to the BROYLES Coat of Arms Page.

  12. GEDCOM Databases for 1714 and 1717 GERMANNA emigrants.  (A GEDCOM is a genealogy file produced when genealogy data is exported from a computer genealogy program.

  13. Links 'n Things.  After you have read the Home Page, you are ready to take a tour of the fascinating links to the GERMANNA-COLONIES Family History.  You will find such things as the Databases, the German Church Records, some Tables, showing the German Villages our ancestors came from, some Web Pages and E-Mail address of Germanna Descendants, BROYLES/BRILES Famous Folks, many links to Germanna and Germanna-Related information, links to other Genealogy Sites, files for Downloading, and many surprising and interesting pages about BROYLES/BRILES and Germanna history

  14. Maps of Germany, showing DUßLINGEN, ÖTISHEIM, and TÜBINGEN.

  15. Villages and Churches.  Villages from which the 1714 and 1717 "Germanna" Colonists immigrated.  This page has links where you will find maps for the villages, and photos of the church for some of the villages.

  16. Ancestral Homes of the 1714 and 1717 Germanna Colonists.  A link to Ancestral Villages, in a different format from the above.

  17. Fun Facts & Figures about the BROYLES/BRILES Family.  (By Steve BROYLES.)

  18. Famous Folks.  Some GERMANNA folks who are famous, almost famous, or maybe just infamous.

  19. Users Comments.  Some nice comments we have received from users.

  20. Files for Downloading.  Some programs/utilities that are necessary, or useful, or just neat.

  21. Outdated Medical Terms.  This link shows some of the outdated medical terms that you might come across when looking at old records. The further back you go the more likely you are to discover causes of death such as "old age" or "senile heart". If you of any "old medical terms", send them to us and we will add them. If you think we have got any wrong then please let us know.

  22. RootsWeb Mailing Lists messages are now archived.  If you want to look through the Archives of past messages from RootsWeb Lists, go to this link, type in the name of the Mailing List, e.g. GERMANNA_COLONIES, BROYLES, WILHITE, HITT, BLANKENBAKER, etc.  You will get a list of messages posted to the List, by Month and Year.  Click on a Month and Year.  You will then get a list of all messages posted to the chosen Mailing List for that period, in a "Threaded" sequence.  You can also choose a "Chronological" sequence.

    The Archives include not only most of the Germanna SURNAME Lists, but 10's of thousands of other SURNAME Lists as well, and thousands of regional/geographical Lists.

  23. If you want to search through a List at RootsWeb for specific Words, Names, or Phrases, go to this Link.  Type in the name of the List and click "Submit Query".  When the next window pops up, type in the text for your search, choose the year, and then click "Search".  That's all there is to it!

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