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If the text on this and other pages on this website isn't large enough, and IF you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), and IF you are using a mouse with a center "wheel", you can easily, and quickly, increase the size of the font by holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard and rolling the wheel downward, or toward you.  To decrease the font size, hold down the CTRL key and roll the wheel upward, or away from you.

If you don't have a "wheel" mouse, and, IF you are using MSIE, you can do the same thing by clicking on "View" in the Menu Bar at the top, then clicking on "Text Size" and choosing the size you prefer, experimenting until you get a size that suits you.  Changing to the font size you prefer in Netscape, or other web browsers, is done differently, and you will have to experiment to find out how.

The pages on this website are best viewed at a resolution of 1024x768, or, at the least, 800x600.  If you are still using a resolution of 640x480, or smaller, you really need to change your Windows properties so that the resolution is at least 800x600.  To change these properties, minimize everything you are using.  (Minimizing everything is easily, and quickly, done by holding down the WinKey [the one on the bottom row of your keyboard, with the Windows logo on it], and pressing the "D" key).  Then "right-click" an empty space on your Desktop; left-click on "Properties"; left-click on the "Settings" tab; in the "Screen Area" section, move the slider to the right until the text says "800 by 600 pixels" (or whatever new resolution you want); click "OK".

(When you came to this page, it was opened in a new window.  When you are finished, just click the "X" in the extreme upper right of this window to close it and return to where you were.)

Created on ... September 25, 2002