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(This page contains data and information on Ira Lund's Cumberland Family Tree for Windows. I have no interest in Ira's company or products, financial or otherwise. It is just that I have been using Cumberland Family Tree since its inception as a DOS program and have found it to be the easiest to use and most comprehensive of any I have tried. With CFTW, there is no need to download add-ons to get all the things a good genealogy program should have, such as Pedigree Charts, Box Charts, Tiny Tafel builders, Descendant Charts, etc. The interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Using CFTW is just like using any other Windows program/utility, same left-clicks, right-clicks, double-clicks, drop-and-drag, etc.)

Cumberland Family Tree for Windows is the most user-friendly genealogy program available! The major concept of CFTW centers around creating your very own Family History Book. Since the body of body of your book will likely consist of CFTW's unique "Story" reports, which have the capability of taking your dry data - such as dates and places - and structuring them into a delightful readable form. By allowing you to add up to 250 events in a person's life and attaching notes to each of these events, you can easily use this program to write a full and complete biography on each individual in your database! Imagine showing ALL major events of a person's live in this fashion: births, church ordinances (like baptism, christenings, ordinations), schooling, addresses, immigrations, marriages, occupations (even multiple occupations changing throughout a person's life), travels, awards, recognitions, deaths, burials, and any other life event you could think of! (The maximum possibility: 250 events - with 32,000 character notes on each event - could produce more than 2,000 printed pages of biographical materail per individual!!!!!.)

In addition, you can easily document your data with source notes which can be end-noted when printing out the story reports. The Indexed Book will keep track of all individuals as you create your book and, at the end, print an index showing every person in the database, what type of reports they appear on, and the page number!

And, if you think the Indexed Book is a wonderful idea, imagine what it will be like when you add photographs and scanned documents! A wide variety of Photo reports can also be generated:

Pedigree Charts with Photos.
Descendant Charts with Photos.
Family Group Charts with Photos.
and even a Photo Album.

You can attach up to 250 photos to each individual!!!!!

Here is a run-down of the other major features of CFT for Windows.

Ira has just released Version 2.20 of CFT for Windows. Below is a list showing the new features of v2.20 and improvements of the previous version.

Version 2.20 Improvements:

Ira has released Version 2.21 of CFT for Windows. Below is a list showing the new features of v2.21 and improvements of the previous version.

Version 2.21 Improvements:

We recommend that you visit Ira's web site and download a shareware copy of CFTW or UPGRADE your current registered version. Here you can also place an order, for a registered version of CFTW, or any of Ira's other fantastic programs.

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