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NOTE:  This list is for GERMANNA surnames ONLY !!!!!
In other words, just those GERMAN surnames originating in the Baden-Württemberg area of present-day Germany, and/or those which are associated with what is now called Germanna, in present-day Madison Co., VA.
(See the Germanna Colonists Family History home page for John Blankenbaker's "Who is a Germanna Colonist?" introduction.)

Amburger  Amberger
Aylor  Ailor  Ailer  Öhler  Oehler
Bach  Back
Beyerback  Byerback
Blankenbaker  Blankenbühler  Blankenbuhler  Blankenbeckler  Plankenbühler  Plankenbeckler  Blankenpickler  Blanken  Beckler  Blank  Pickler
Bartles  Bottles  Bortles  Bortle
Bowman  Bauman  Baumann
Brown  Braun
Broyles  Briles  Bryles  Brile  Breil  Briel  Broil  Broiles  Brëyhel  Breuel  Brohl  Bruel  Broyhill  DeBruhl  DeBreul  DeBrohl
Carpenter  Zimmerman
Castler  Gessler
Christler  Kreistler  Crisler  Cristele  Christele  Chrysler  Khrysler  Cristler
Click  Glick  Glück  Gleuck  Klick  Clicke
Clore  Glore  Cloer  Claar  Klaar
Cook  Koch
Copp  Cupp  Kupp
Critselous  Critselious  Cretselous  Cretselious  Crecelius  Crecelious  Cretzelious  Cretzelous
Dieter  Teter
Everhart  Everheart
Fender  Finder  Fenter  Finter
Fishback  Fischbach
Fisher  Fischer
Fleshman  Fleishman  Fleischman  Fleischmann
Frady  Frada  Wrede  Vrede  Vorete
Freshower  Froschaur
Garr  Gaar  Gar  Gahr
Graybill  Krebil  Grebil
Haeger  Hager
Hitt  Heite  Hite  Heit
Hoffman  Huffman  Hofman  Hofmann  Hufman  Hoofman  Hopfman
Holtzclaw  Holsclaw  Holesclaw  Holzklau  Holtsclaw  Holtzklau
Kabler  Cobler  Cabler  Kiebler  Keibler  Keebler  Kibler  Käbler  Kaebler
Kafer  Kaifer
Kemper  Camper
Krim  Crim  Crimm  Crum  Grimm
Kuntze  Kuntz  Cuntze  Cuntz  Coons  Coontz  Coonts  Coonz  Koontz
Layman  Lehman
Long  Lang
Mauk  Mauck  Mawk  Mock
Milker  Milcher  Muhlecker
Miller  Muller  Mueller  Müller
Motz  Mötz  Mertz
Moyer  Mayer  Moyers  Myers  Meyers  Meir  Myer
Niceley  Nicely  Nicley  Kneisley
Nöh  Nay  Ney  Noeh
Otterbach  Utterback
Painter  Bender  Pender  Benter  Penter  Paynter
Parlur  Barlow
Paulitz  Paultisch
Railsback  Rählsbach
Rasor  Resor  Racer  Räuser  Räser  Reasor  Riser  Risser  Reaser  Reiser  Rieser  Raysor
Rector  Richter  Rictor  Ricker
Reiner  Riner  Ryner  Rhyner  Rhynor  Rhinor  Rhiner  Ronner
Rush  Rausch  Rouse  Rousch
Schluchter  Schlucter  Sluter  Slucter  Sluchter  Sluder  Souther
Sheible  Shible  Scheible
Shuster  Schuster
Sluchter  Schluchter  Souther
Smith  Schmidt
Snyder  Snider  Schneider
Souther  Sluchter  Schluchter
Spade  Spath
Spilmann  Spillmann  Spilman  Spillman  Spielmann  Speilmann  Spielman  Speilman
Stoltz  Stolts  Stultz  Stults  VonStoltz
Stonecipher  Steinseiffer  Stonecypher  Stonesipher  Stinesipher  Stinecypher  Stonesifer
Stover  Stoever  Stöver
Tanner  Gerber
Teter  Dieter
Utz  Ütz  Otes  Oats  Oates
Vaught  Vogt  Focht  Vought  Faught  Fought
Volk  Folg  Folk
Waddell  Waddel  Waddle  Wadell  Wadel  Wattle  Wedel  Weddle  Weedle
Wayland  Wieland  Weiland  Wyland
Wayman  Weidmann  Weiman
Weaver  Weber  Webber
Wilhite  Willhite  Wilheit  Willheit  Wilhoit  Willhoit  Wilhoite  Willhoite  Willhight
Yager  Yeager  Jager  Jäger  Jaeger
Young  Jung
Yowell  Yowel  Ühl
Ziegler  Zeigler  Ziglar
Zimmerman  Carpenter

(We should try to add ALL the Germanna families here, as in the example above, with alternate spellings.  Please help by sending me similar lists of Germanna family names, with ALL known spellings.  Also send any other spelling variants for the above names.  I'll list them in alphabetical order, and I hope that we can get all the families listed here, to include all those that John Blankenbaker includes in his definition of "Germanna" families.  Thanks.  GWD)

NOTE:  This list is for GERMANNA surnames ONLY !!!!!
We do NOT mean to be "picky" or snobbish.  It's just that these research pages deal ONLY with GERMANNA-related German surnames.  Some users of these pages don't realize what our research is all about, and send German surnames to be added when they have nothing to do with Germanna, VA.  As an example, the SCHWARTZ family of Watertown, NY, although of German origin, is in no way associated with the German families that settled at, or near, Ft. Germanna, VA.  We HAVE added some technically non-Germanna German surnames, but they are of families from, or near, the Baden-Württemberg area in Germany, that married into Germanna families in the very early 1700's in America, and are considered "Germanna" names, by association.

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