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Family History
Mailing Lists & Message Boards

Following are the GERMANNA-related Mailing Lists And Message Boards I manage at Ancestry/Rootsweb.

Mailing Lists

The Mailing Lists that I manage deal with research on the German families who emigrated to America in 1714, 1717, and from 1818 to about 1835; and who settled in the area know known as Germanna, in present-day Madison Co., VA.

Mailing Lists are kind of like Bulletin Boards, except that, instead of having to travel somewhere to view newly posted messages, each time a message is posted to a List, you receive a copy of it as an email message.  You can easily click in your email program to reply to any posted message, and will receive back a copy of the reply just as you posted it.  If others reply, you will also see their messages.

You can choose to receive posted messages two different ways:

1) You can choose the -L Mode -- this is just the List Mode and means you will receive a copy of EACH email as it is posted, as an individual email;
2) You can choose the -D Mode -- this is the Digest Mode and means you won't receive each individual message as it's posted to the List.  Instead, you'll receive several posted messages in ONE Digest, usually about once daily.  The frequency will depend on how many messages are posted to a List each day.  A Digest will be sent once daily, or whenever its size reaches 15,000 bytes, whichever comes first.  On these Lists, you will usually receive only one daily Digest.

Questions about these Lists?  Contact the List Manager at