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This page is devoted to the GERMANNA folks, and their descendants, who have become famous, or almost famous, or even infamous.  We don't have a lot to start with and hope that you users can provide us with more.  There must be lots of Germanna descendants out there who have distinguished themselves through their careers, achievements, or discoveries.  Let us know about them, even the "black sheep"!  (Who knows how many of these we will find?!)  Post a note to me at my e-mail address, and send in your nominations.  I'll include them all on this page.
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Notable Family Members:


Esther BARLOW.  (See BROYLES, Glen Moses.)


John BLANKENBAKER holds the distinction of inventing and selling the first personal computer ever marketed commercially.  In 1971 Blankenbaker seemed poised for a breakthrough.  A computer engineer and consultant, he had put together a personal computer in the garage outside his home in Brentwood, California, and set up a company to market the machine.  He called it the Kenbak 1 -- the name came from Blankenbaker.  Blank 1 didn't seem a good fit.  It wasn't the first personal computer ever built, just the first available commercially.  Therefore, the market, as they say, was unlimited.

The Kenbak 1 possessed a memory of about 1,000 words and cost $750.  It could handle word processing and presented an affordable way for schools, businesses, and homes to get into computing.  Few wanted to, though, and after selling 40 models of the computer in two years, Blankenbaker retired the Kenbak, moving it into the category of historical footnote.  "I wasn't making any money," says Blankenbaker, who lives in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Blankenbaker admits that the Kenbak 1 was slow as a slug compared with modern-day computers and that one of his failings was in underestimating the development of high technology.  "I always felt like the computer couldn't get any better," he says.

(It had only 256 bytes.  Just to keep the record straight. Mr. Kenbak. [John Blankenbaker])


Herschel Floyd "Pete" BRILES recipient of US Medal Of Honor in WWII.  Click for photos and bio.

Charles BRILES starred as Eugene Barkley in the "Big Valley" along with Barbara Stanwyck, Linda Evans, Lee Majors, and Richard Long.  The show was about the Barkley family and their life in the San Joaquin Valley, CA, in 1875.  Charles played the youngest Barkley.  The "Big Valley" premiered on ABC in 1965.  It was supposedly ABC's answer to "Bonanza" at the time.  (Submitted by: Rich Osborn.)

Dr. Worthie Elwood BRILES, Professor of Biological Sciences, received his B.A. at the University of Texas, 1941, and did his graduate work (Ph.D.) at the University of Wisconsin, 1948.  Mr. BRILES' areas of specialization are:  Immunogenetics; Physiological Genetics; Immunology.  His Professional Experiences, Memberships in Professional Organizations, Honors, and List of Publications are far, far too numerous to itemize here!  You can see his CURRICULUM VITAE at http://www.bios.niu.edu/briles/cv.html.

The data on that Web page is only dated (November 2000) in the sense that Dr. BRILES has published MORE since then.  Even though he is officially retired, he continues to serve as a Adjunct Professor, guiding, and working with, several graduate students, and, continues PUBLISHING!

Proud Mama

Dr. David E. BRILES (son of Worthie Elwood BRILES, above), Professor of Microbiology, did his graduate work on the genetic regulation of antibody binding site structure at The Rockefeller University in New York City with Dr. Richard Krause.  Dr. Briles' postdoctoral studies, with Dr. Joseph Davie at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, dealt with the expression of antibody diversity in antibacterial antibody responses and the genetic control of susceptibility of mice to Salmonella infection.  He joined the UAB faculty in 1978 and began studies of genes that help mice and men resist bacterial infection.  His group is presently working on the molecular biology and genetics of bacterial pathogenesis, bacterial vaccines, and the diagnosis and epidemiology of bacterial infections.

Ernest BRILES was a State Senator from Kansas. (Submitted by: Rich Osborn.)

James (Jim) Rex BRILES, Sr., was born in Washington, DC and has worked at WFMY-TV in Greensboro, NC for 35 years as a Television Producer and Director.  Jim is regarded as the Best in the business on the east Coast.  Many of his television shows have appreared on CBS.  He has received 3 Emmy awards for the local TV show "To Those Who Care", and had two more Emmy nominations in 1997!  (Data provided by Jim Briles, Jr.; many thanks to him for sending us this information.)

Judith BRILES is featured on The Morning Edition's "Leading Voices", and appears regularly on national television.  Her work, articles, and books have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, Money, The New York Times, Self, People, Working Woman, and other publications.  She has appeared on over 800 radio and television programs, including Oprah, Donahue, and CNN.  She is a regular on CNN and "It's Only Money", and is the financial advisor for the Family Life Network in New York.  She is the founder of the Briles Group, Inc.  Prior to devoting her full time to speaking, writing, and research, she was a stockbroker with E. F. Hutton & Co., from 1972 to 1977.  She is the author of fifteen books.

Nelson BRILES - Major League pitcher.  Click for photo and bio.

Steve BRYLES is a Democratic State Senator in Arkansas, District 28.  (As of 2001.)  He resides in Blythe, AK.


Daniel BROYLES is the The Executive Chef at the "Doubletree At Warren Place" in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Dan's family is from Somerset, Kentucky.  The Executive Chef position at a deluxe hotel is one thing, but under Chef Dan's supervision, and his skills as a chef, that particular restaurant in the Doubletree, The Warren Duck Club, has achieved and maintained a Mobil 4-Star rating.  That is quite an achievement.  (Submitted by: Lynn Broyles.)

Frank BROYLES comes from one of the GA lines. He was an all-american at Georgia Tech, head football coach at Arkansas, and is still Athletic Director there.

Glenn Dean BROYLES of Chucky, TN, was a Republican State Representative for several terms during the 70's and 80's.  He was a close friend and proteg� of Howard Baker, and also close friend of Lamar Alexander. (Does that make him famous or infamous?)  (It doesn't really matter -- he's my favorite Uncle.)

Glen Moses BROYLES and Esther BARLOW BROYLES, who are both descendents of Germanna Colony II, were honored, on June 25, 2000, by the governor of Indiana during a regional Democratic Party supper in Avon (Hendricks County), Indiana.

Glen and Esther became the first couple in Indiana history to receive the Sagamore of the Wabash Award -- the highest honor bestowed by the state's governor as a personal tribute to those who have rendered a distinguished service to the state or to the governor.  Gov. Frank O'Bannon recognized them for their 60-plus years of service, and commitment to the Democratic party, and for their support of his candidacy for state office.

As a footnote, Esther's father, Albert Paul Barlow, had served as a Republican State Representative before he died in a car-train collision in 1928.  And, his father, James Milton Barlow, a Civil War veteran, had served as a State Representative and State Senator, also on the Republican side.

Coincidentally, the supper was held only miles from where Germanna descendent Enoch Barler/Barlow (son of Adam) bought land in 1827.  (Submitted by Jim Barlow, Champaign, IL)

Jim BROYLES is a Republican State Representative in Texas, District 11.  (As of 1998.)

William BROYLES, Jr., author and Hollywood screenplay writer, was Editor for Newsweek magazine a few years ago.  Since leaving his post at Texas Monthly, where he was the founding editor, William has staked out a successful career in television, film, and publishing.  He created and wrote the Emmy Award-winning television series "China Beach", and also wrote a highly-regarded Vietnam War memoir, "Brothers in Arms".  Bill's initial foray into screenwriting resulted in the Academy Award nominated screenplay for "Apollo 13" (co-written with Al Reinert).  He then went on to create the TV show "China Beach", for which he was the co-producer, screenwriter, and technical assistant.  He later worked as one of the screen writers for "Apollo 17".  He conceived the idea for the movie "Castaway", which he co-produced, and for which he wrote the screenplay.  His latest effort is as the primary screenwriter for the new movie "Planet of the Apes".  You can learn more about William at the following web site:  http://www.cjr.org/year/92/6/draft.asp


Charles Owen HOBAUGH; Lt. Col., USMC, was the pilot on space shuttle Atlantis, STS-104 (July 12-24, 2001).  He was assigned as the pilot of STS-118 (November 13, 2003), which was cancelled after the Columbia disaster. You can read his biography here.  His Germanna ancestry is:  Johann Marx GLUCK; Johann Conrad GLUCK; Ludwig Henrich GLUCK; Henry Jackson CLICK, Sr.; Lewis Anderson CLICK, Sr.; Rutha T. CLICK; Sarah Woodley WEAVER; Charles Ervin HOBAUGH; Jimmie Harris HOBAUGH; Charles Owen HOBAUGH, b. 1961.

(Charles' WEAVER ancestry can be traced back only to Rutha T. CLICK's husband, Frederick WEAVER; Frederick's father, John WEAVER, of Sullivan and Cocke Counties, TN; and John's father, Frederick Abraham WEAVER, born about 1750-1760, in VA.  Frederick Abraham WEAVER is undoubtedly one of our Germanna WEAVER/WEBER cousins.  If anyone has any information on him that can tie him in to the Germanna WEBER/WEAVER family, PLEASE email me at [email protected]George W. Durman, Webmaster of this website.)


Walter J. CLORE is The Father of the Washington Wine Industry.  He is a descendant of Michael Clore thru Jeremiah Clore of the Germanna 1717 group.  Walter was born July 1, 1911, in Tecumseh Oklahoma and lives in Prosser, Washington.  He has a doctor's degree in Horticulture from Washington State University and has received many awards for his research in Wine grapes for the State of Washington.  Walter is 93 years old and a very active senior citizen who is being honored in Prosser by the naming of a new wine center the Walt Clore Wine and Viticulture Center(Submitted by his loving daughter, Nancy CLORE DEXTER.)


Dr. John Fielding CRIGLER is from Charlotte NC.  He is a retired pediatric endocrionolgist at Harvard.  He is Chief Emeritus, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine at the Children's Hospital, in Boston, MA.  He graduated Johns Hopkins University in 1943.  Crigler-Najjar Syndrome is named for him.  It is a nearly always fatal genetic disorder that afflicts newborn infants.  The disease is a deficiency in an enzyme that people need to control the production of bilirubin.  When too much bilirubin accumulates, jaundice and severe brain damage occurs.  Bilirubin is produced during the breakdown of hemoglobin, the blood's oxygen-carrying red pigment.  Currently the disease is treated with phototherapy, to breakdown the bilirubin, followed by liver transplantation.

John Lloyd CRIGLER, played on the University of Kentucky basketball team that won the National Championship in 1958.  John was from Hebron, Boone County, Kentucky, and a member of the Hebron Lutheran Church.

Lynn Edward CRIGLER, from Fayette, Howard Co. MO, a graduate of Juilliard, has conducted the Broadway productions of Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Shenandoah, Whoopee!, Little Johnny Jones, Going Up, Take Me Along, and The Five O'Clock Girl.  He has conducted European tours of Evita and West Side Story, and was the music director of the Goodspeed Opera House for many seasons, conducting 62 productions there.  As a pianist, he has soloed with The Kansas City Philharmonic, The National Symphony, and the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.  Lynn is the composer of the musical Rogues to Riches.

Richard Phillip CRIGLER, from West Point, MS, currently represents AL Dist. 105 in the AL State Legislature.

Tharon Ann CRIGLER, from Fort Smith, Arkansas, an actress with the stage name Jennifer West, appeared on early TV in Wagon Train, Sugarfoot, Dobie Gillis, Outlaws, Dr. Kildare, and Gunsmoke.  On the stage she appeared in Dutchman, The King And I, Malcolm, La cage aux folles, and Chicago.  On film in Best of the Best 2, Mardi Gras, and Too Soon to Love.


Omar Nelson BRADLEY graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1915, where he later taught mathematics.  After years of administrative posts, Bradley was a Brigadier General when the United States entered World War II.  He commanded forces in North Africa and Sicily, then moved to command the American involvement in the D-Day invasion of 1944, ultimately liberating Paris, France, from the German occupied forces.  Quiet, polite and popular with enlisted men, Bradley has often been contrasted with his more colorful and blustery colleague, General George S. Patton, Jr.  After the war, Bradley served in the Veterans' Administration and as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retiring in 1953.

Omar Nelson BRADLEY was born literally in a log cabin near Clark, Missouri, on 12 February 1893, the only surviving child of schoolteacher John Smith BRADLEY and Sarah Elizabeth HUBBARD.  The environment of Bradley's youth in rural Missouri was impoverished, but he received a good secondary education, becoming a star player on the Moberly High School baseball team.  Hunting to supplement the family income, he also became a crack shot.  To read about General Bradley, please to to this page.  And, here is an excellent story of his life.  As you read about his life, you will see that his success was rooted in his upbringing -- character, devotion, honesty, and honor, all attributes we see in most people who have succeeded.  And, all attributes we have come to associate with our Germanna ancestors and their descendants.  (General BRADLEY's ancestry:  He descends from a CRISTLER daughter, but I can't find the line of descent on the Internet/Web.  If anyone has that information, PLEASE email me.)


Robert Stockwell Reynolds HITT, U.S. Minister to Panama, 1909-10; U.S. Minister to Guatemala, 1910-13.  Born in 1876 in Indiana and known as R. S. Reynolds HITT, died in 1938.  (Descendant of Peter HITT and Tillman WEAVER.)


Michael HOLT, II; The Battle of Alamance, 16 May 1771. (The battle was fought in then Orange Co., NC, but which is now Alamance Co., NC.)  Some historians say this was the first engagement of the American Revolution.  Others say that technically it wasn't, because the Regulators (an armed group of back-country farmers) who fought against Governor William Tryon and his militia were fighting local corruption and injustice, and not against England or its King. Either way, it was an important chapter in our history and many do consider it the opening salvo or catalyst of the Revolution.  One of the Regulators, James PUGH, who was hanged for his participation in the event, said this from the gallows as his last words:  "The blood that we have shed here will be as good seed sown in good ground, which soon will reap a hundred fold."

The following is an excerpt from Page 64 of "Centennial History of Alamance County", by Walter Whitaker, Dowd Press, Inc., Charlotte, NC:

"The battle had been fought on the plantation of Captain Michael HOLT [Jr.].  Governor Tryon ordered the Holt home turned into a military hospital and the wounded militia who could not walk were carried there for treatment."

Here is the citation:  Tryon, Colonial Records of, N.C., vol. 8, pp 609-616

Michael Holt, Jr., was not allied with the Regulators; he actually remained loyal to Governor Tryon, and was Captain of the County Militia which opposed the "Regulators".  Later, during the Revolution, in 1776, he was called upon by Governor Martin (who had succeeded Governor Tryon) to aid the Loyalists; he left home to travel to Brunswich to join the Loyalist army, but, for some reason, when he reached Cross Creek (Fayettteville, NC), he turned around and returned to his home.  He was later arrested at home by the Loyalists and imprisoned in Philadelphia. He was eventually released and returned to Orange Co., NC (now Alamance Co.), where he provided material support for the Americans in their effort by donating supplies to the Patriots.  Why he turned around at Cross Creek and did not join the Loyalist forces is unknown; likewise, it is unknown why he eventally sided with the Patriots.  Whatever his reasons for failing to join the Loyalist forces in Brunswick, his loyalties certainly changed after being arrested and imprisoned.

It is ironic that Michael's great-grandson, Thomas Michael HOLT, was Governor of North Carolina from 1891 to 1893, since his great-grandfather had originally been a Loyalist.  (Thomas Michael was Michael's descendant by Michael's 2nd wife, Jean C. LOCKHART; Thomas Michael was born on Michael's original plantation!)

Actually, Thomas Michael HOLT deserves his own section here on the "Famous Folks" page, and I'll add it later.  In the meantime, let me say that Thomas Michael was a prominent North Carolina industrialist who served as the 47th Governor of North Carolina from 1891 to 1893.  Formerly a North Carolina State Senator and Speaker of the House of the North Carolina General Assembly, Holt was instrumental in the founding of North Carolina State University, as well as in establishing several railroads within the state and the state's Department of Agriculture.  He was also responsible for the technology behind the family's Holt Mills 'Alamance Plaids', the first colored cotton goods produced in the South � a development that revolutionized the Southern textile industry.  In 1858, Thomas and his father, Edwin Michael Holt, acquired Benjamin Trollinger�s bankrupt textile-manufacturing mill later known as the �Granite Mill�, (located in Haw River, NC). In 1861, Thomas acquired his father's interest in the mill and moved to Haw River to oversee the mill�s operations.  (Edwin Michael Holt had formerly manufactured the so-called "Alamance Plaids", the first cotton goods produced in the South on power looms.  Edwin Holt established his Alamance Cotton Mill in 1837, thus beginning the Southern textile industry.)

(Michael was the son of Michael "Hans" "The Immigrant" HOLD.  He left Virginia when he was about 20 years old and settled in Orange Co., NC, which area is now in Alamance Co., NC.)


Janis JOPLIN, 60's rock star.

Edwin Eugene "Buzz" ALDRIN, 2d man on the moon.

(Janis JOPLIN's and Buzz ALDRIN's ancestry back to RECTOR wasn't included by the person who sent this information.)


Charles Owen HOBAUGH; Lt. Col., USMC, was the pilot on space shuttle Atlantis, STS-104 (July 12-24, 2001).  He was assigned as the pilot of STS-118 (November 13, 2003), which was cancelled after the Columbia disaster. You can read his biography here.  His Germanna ancestry is:  Johann Marx GLUCK; Johann Conrad GLUCK; Ludwig Henrich GLUCK; Henry Jackson CLICK, Sr.; Lewis Anderson CLICK, Sr.; Rutha T. CLICK; Sarah Woodley WEAVER; Charles Ervin HOBAUGH; Jimmie Harris HOBAUGH; Charles Owen HOBAUGH, b. 1961.

(Charles' WEAVER ancestry can be traced back only to Rutha T. CLICK's husband, Frederick WEAVER; Frederick's father, John WEAVER, of Sullivan and Cocke Counties, TN; and John's father, Frederick Abraham WEAVER, born about 1750-1760, in VA.  Frederick Abraham WEAVER is undoubtedly one of our Germanna WEAVER/WEBER cousins.  If anyone has any information on him that can tie him in to the Germanna WEBER/WEAVER family, PLEASE email me at [email protected]George W. Durman, Webmaster of this website.)

Robert Stockwell Reynolds HITT, U.S. Minister to Panama, 1909-10; U.S. Minister to Guatemala, 1910-13.  Born in 1876 in Indiana and known as R. S. Reynolds HITT, died in 1938.  (Descendant of Tillman WEAVER and Peter HITT.)


Thomas Mack WILHOITE received the Silver Star posthumously, for displaying "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity" during strikes at Rabat-Sale and Port Lyautey, Morocco, in WWII.  The citation also noted Wilhoite's "superb airmanship and tenacious devotion to duty" in pressing home his strafing attacks.  For our page devoted to Thomas, please click here.

Kathleen WILLHOIT, actress and singer.  She played Cloe on ER and was in Lorenzo's Oil, Road House, and Nurse Betty.  She has a new CD "Pitch Like a Girl".


Yeager HUDSON (Descendant of Nicholas YEAGER)  Dr. Hudson was no military hero.  On the contrary, he was a mild-mannered thinker and teacher, but he achieved much in the field of philosophy and education.  His doctorate was from Boston University.  He taught at Colby College, Waterville, ME, for 40 years.  His subjects included:  Philosophy of Religion, Indian Philosophy, American Philosophy, and Philosophical Anthropology.  His works may be found at Amazon.com and other sites. He was respected the world over.

Yeager HUDSON, Ph.D. (1931-2007).  His published works include:

The Philosophy of Religion

Emerson and Tagore:  The Poet as Philosopher (Asia and the Wider World Series, Vol. 1)

Technology, Morality and Social Policy

Revolution, Violence, and Equality (Studies in Social and Political Theory, Vol 10)

Globalism and the Obsolescence of the State (Studies in Social and Political Theory, 20)

Cultural Integrity and World Community (Studies in Social and Political Theory, V. 22)

Philosophical Essays on the Ideas of a Good Society (Social Philosophy Today, No. 1)

Communitarianism, Liberalism, and Social Responsibility (Social Philosophy Today, No 6)

The Bill of Rights: Bicentennial Reflections (Social Philosophy Today, No 8)

Freedom, Dharma, and Rights (Social Philosophy Today ; No. 9)

Liberalism, Oppression and Empowerment (Social Philosophy Today, No. 10)

The Social Power of Ideas (Social Philosophy Today, No. 11)

Rending and Renewing the Social Order (Social Philosophy Today, No. 12)

�Obeying an Outlaw Order� in Globalism and the Obsolescence of the State,
  (Social Philosophy Today series, Volume 14).

Rev. Yeager Hudson passed away 22 April 2007 in Brunswick, ME.
(See his obituaries on our Germanna Obituaries Page.

Farther back in Time:

BROILES, Hiram Stokely, was mayor of Fort Worth, TX, from around 1890 to 1896.  He is largely credited with the begining of the end of the infamous Hells Half Acre, and for other community improvements such as street lights, etc.  Prior to becoming Mayor he was a medical doctor in Fort Worth.  (Information supplied by Jim Broiles.)

BROYLES, Adam, ran the Broylesville Inn at Broylesville, TN (near present-day Limestone, TN).  He hosted many famous people and was something of a character.

BROYLES, James Franklin, MD, of Greenville, TN, was one of the doctors attending at the death of president Andrew Johnson.

BROYLES, Moses,, was the founder of the black Baptist Church in Indiana.  He's listed in the Who's Who of the Baptist Church.

CONWAY, Elias N., Fifth Governor of Arkansas.  (See FISHBACK, John.)

CONWAY, James Sevier,  First Governor of Arkansas, 1836-1840.  (See FISHBACK, John.)

CRIGLER, Billy Joe, served two terms in the Missouri Legislature.

CRIGLER, John C., served in the California Assembly for the 18th District, 1867-1871.

FISHBACK, John:  In "Genealogy of the Fishback Family in America", page 64:

"John Fishback's family ought to be called the Governor's family.  As has been told, Jacob Rector's son, John, married his cousin, Anna Catharine Fishback, and to them were born seven sons and two daughters.  Two of the descendants of one of these daughters, James S. Conway, and Elias N. Conway, became, respectively, the first and fifth governors of Arkansas; Henry M. Rector, a descendant of one of these sons, was governor of Arkansas in 1860.  William M. Fishback, a descendant of John Frederick Fishback, was governor of Arkansas 1893-1895.  Besides this, James L. Kemper, a descendant of Elizabeth Fishback, was, from 1874 to 1878, governor of Old Dominion; making five governors of their States descended from this sturdy German emigrant of 1714, John Fishback."

The Fishback books also state that Chief Justice John Marshall was born in Germantown.

(Submitted by Marlene Smith Thiede.)

FISHBACK, William M., Governor of Arkansas, 1893-1895.  (See FISHBACK, John.)

HOLT, Edwin Michael, established the first cotton mill in Alamance County, NC, and one of the first in the State, in 1837.  Edwin's father, Michael HOLT, III, served in the NC State Legislature.  One of the HOLT family friends was the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Ruffin, a fellow North Carolinian.  Edwin's son, Thomas, became Governor of NC.  (Edwin's ancestry:  Michael HOLT, III; Capt. Michael HOLT, Jr.; Michael HOLT, Sr.; Martin HOLD; Jonas HOLD [1601, Stetten, Germany[.)  (See E. M. HOLT and the Cotton Mill.)

KEMPER, James L., Governor of Old Dominion, 1874 to 1878.  (See FISHBACK, John.)

KEMPER, Henry M.  (See FISHBACK, John.)

PICKLER, John A., District Attorney of Adair County, Missouri, 1872-1874; Presidential Elector on the Republican ticket of Garfield and Arthur, Iowa, 1880; member of the Iowa State Legislature, 1881-1883; member of the Territory of Dakota Legislature, 1884; U.S. Representative from South Dakota, 1889-1896.

PICKLER, Richard M., County Attorney in Kansas, 1880.

PICKLER, Samuel M., founder and editor of two newspapers in Kirksville, Missouri; School Commissioner of Adair County, Missouri, 1877-1878; Mayor of Kirksville 1882-1893; member of the Missouri State Legislature, 1877-1878, 1897-1901, and 1911-1913

(The PICKLER family is descended from the BLANKENBAKER - BLANKENBUHLER - BLANKENPICKLER lines.

RECTOR, Henry Massey, U.S. Marshall, State Senator, U.S. Surveyor-General, Governor of Arkansas 1860-1862.  (See FISHBACK, John.)

RECTOR, Jacob  (See FISHBACK, John.)

SEVIER, Ambrose Hundley, U.S. Senator from Arkansas.  A cousin of the FISHBACK descendants who were so prominent in Arkansas politics in the 1800's.  The SEVIER family married closely with the BROYLES, FISHBACK, RECTOR, and CONWAY families in Tennessee and Arkansas.  (Submitted by John "Ken" BROYLES, whose great-great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Maria SEVIER, was a sister to Ambrose, and who married Lewis Hayes BROYLES.)

(Come on, all you GERMANNA descendants, send us some more "Famous Folks"!  Surely other GERMANNA families have produced some famous and infamous people!)

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