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How many people have the name Broyles?

There are about 2900 Broyles households in the U.S. today.  This translates very roughly into 8,000 to 10,000 people with that surname.

SOURCE:  Two "Beatrice Bailey"-style scam genealogy books on the Broyles family, featuring a list of all American households with the name.

How common are the Broyles and Briles names?

The surname Broyles was the 3,055th most common surname out of 89,000 surnames in the 1990 census.  Roughly .004% of the population had the name (about 10,000 people, which agrees with the estimate above).

The surname Briles is less common.  It was the 19,790th most common surname in 1990, and fewer than 1500 people carry it.

SOURCE U.S. Census data

Where in the country are the Broyles and Briles names most common?

Map of U.S.


This map shows the relative frequency of occurrence of the surname Broyles throughout the 50 states.  It is most common in Tennessee where about 1 person in 1000 has the name.

Map of U.S.


This map shows the relative frequency of occurrence of the surname Briles throughout the 50 states.  It is most common in North Carolina and Indiana where about 1 person in 5000 has the name.

SOURCEHamrick Software

At what age did men and women first marry?

The graph below shows the the number of people who married at particular ages.  The most common ages for a woman to marry were 18 and 19.  For men it was 21 and 23 years of age.


SOURCE:  Steve Broyles's database.  To qualify for inclusion in the graph the exact birthdate had to be known for bride and groom, and exact date of marriage or marriage license.  Most of the marriages are from the 1800's.

How quickly did the number of Johannes's descendants grow?

The table below shows the number of members of each generation, starting with Johannes as generation number 1.  A good estimate of the growth rate is that each generation produced 3.75 boys and 3.75 girls (7.5 chidren on average per family).

GenerationMalesFemalesAvg Birth YearAvg Death Year

SOURCE:  Steve Broyles's database.  The data applies to all people born with the name Broyles/Briles, or variants thereof.  To be included in the birth/death year calculation the birth/death had to be known, even approximately.  The table is reasonably complete through generation 5, but data is lacking for later generations.  This explains both the drop in numbers and apparent shortened lifespans in the later generations.

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