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Special Addition: (01 Oct 2000)

I put the Murphy Script TTF file in a ZIP file; just click on the "Sample" graphic above, download the file, and "unzip" it.
If anyone is looking for special fonts, I have almost 1700 TTFs and Adobe Type 1 Fonts on my system.
If there is enough interest, I can whip up a graphic showing what they look like.  Send me an email
if you have a request for a specific type of font.


Here are some programs and utilities which I have found to be of value for genealogical computing.  Some, such as PKZip, are absolutely necessary.  Others, such as City County Finder III, will make your work much easier.  PC2LATIN and GED2HTML are necessary if you plan to create your own web page and are going to have GEDCOM databases on it.

NOTE ABOUT DOWNLOADING:  If you have problems downloading these files, try the following.  RIGHT-Click on the link and then click on "SAVE".  This should take care of any problems with Plug-Ins.

(With the exception of City County Finder III, all the following programs/utilities can be downloaded right here on this web site.  When you click on City County Finder III, you will be taken to the website for that utility.)

RootsMagic Place Finder .....Place Finder is a utility that originally came with the genealogy program "Family Origins", then was included in early versions of Roots Magic.  It is a simple little utility that allows you to search for a City/Place, or County, or State. It shows where a City/Place is located today.  It has an icon, "Map", that when clicked takes you to allowing you to see exactly where the City/Place is located.  There are three files necessary to run this uutility:  placedb.exe, placedta.cds, and placedta.dbf.  I have included these three files in which you can download by clicking on "RootsMagic Place Finder".  Just unzip the files and place in a folder somewhere on your computer.  To use the program, run the file "placedb.exe".

City County Finder III .....CCF III is a small, yet powerful search engine which does much more than its name implies.  It searches for and creates lists of locations based on search criteria which you specify, to include Populated Places, counties, Historical Sites, and Concise sites.

It can perform searches based on exact, "sounds-like", or partial (incomplete) name searches; can list counties by state; can list all Populated, Historical, and/or Concise features by county; and can list features within X miles (2 to 99) of other Populated Places, Historical sites, or specified geographic coordinates.  Historical and Concise feature search lists can be customized so that your search can be for exactly the type(s) of feature(s) you are looking for.

Once your Search Results list is created, you can arrange the columnar data to your liking, re-sort it in any way you desire, and eliminate any portions you don't want.  Your Search Results data can be Saved to file (text and data modes) and Printed on letter or legal size paper.(Be sure to read the instructions on the download page.) (City County Finder III is a limited DEMO application for Microsoft Windows.)   (File Size:  Demo Version-2.8 Mb; Full Version-19.8 Mb.)

Virginia County Index .....VA County Index is a program that gives a brief background of the 8 original Shires/Counties of Virginia, formed in 1634.  In addition, it covers Extinct Virginia Counties; Burned Records Counties; Western Virginia (now WV & KY) Counties; and addresses and phone numbers for each of the present 95 Counties' Courthouse and County Library. This little utility is a fantastic resource for finding the evolution of the various present-day VA Counties!  (VA County Index is a shareware DOS applicaton.)  (File Size:  61,491)
(Even though this utility was shareware in 1994 [the last time it was updated], I have not been able to contact its author, Gilbert Hall.  If you download and use the utility, you might try contacting him at the address given within the program.)

Soundex Generator 8.02 .....Soundex is a DOS utility that will allow you to type in a surname, then give you the Soundex Code for that name.  Knowing the Soundex Code for a surname is very helpful for researching Census Data files (microfiche) at a library or other research facility.

The Soundex Coder 8.02 is a simple, yet powerful, program which will help you manage your soundex list.  There are many programs which will return a soundex code for you, but Soundex Coder 8.02 is unique in that it gives you the opportunity to store and recall your master name list, and several ways of outputting your soundex information.  This archive file also contains ListPrep, which is another utility for managing your list of surnames and their Soundex Codes.  (Soundex is a shareware DOS application.)  (File Size:  36,108)

SPLIT 6.0g .....A utility, written by M. Dingacci, that is very handy for splitting .ZIP files (or any other type of file) into smaller files that will fit on a floppy.  The files are dated 2-26-1994 and the utility is out of date, but it works fine anyway.  We have not been able to find a more current version.  As far as can be determined, this utility is in the public domain. (Split 6.0 is a DOS utility.  If you use it to split large files and send them to someone else, you will will have to also send them two files, SPLIT.EXE and SPLIT.DOC, so they will be able to rejoin the files into the original file.)  (File Size:  27,615)

(I found an excellent little Windows 95 program that will do the same thing as Split 6.0.  It is Speed Split.  The only drawback to this utility is that, like DOS Split 6.0 above, the receiver of split files will have to have a copy of Speed Split on their system in order to rejoin the files.)  (This version of Speed Split is a Beta version.  It is FREEWARE!)  (File Size:  303,339)

PC2LATIN .....A utility written by Steve BROYLES for modifying files created by Windows programs, wherein certain foreign characters are not translated by the program.  This is especially useful (and necessary) if you create HTML files from GEDCOM files, and have foreign characters in the original GEDCOM files.  There are no help files with this utility; however, it is simple to use.  Use PKUnzip to decompress PC2LATIN.ZIP, place the resulting PC2LATIN.EXE in a directory in your path.  Then change to the directory where your files were placed when you used GED2HTML.  Simply run PC2LATIN on all the .HTM and and .TXT files in the directory (and any subdirectories).  This is accomplished by typing "PC2LATIN *.HTM" and then "PC2LATIN *.TXT" (without the quotes, of course).  The resulting files will have the appropriate foreign characters.  (PC2LATIN is a freeware DOS application.)  (File Size:  14,387)

GED2HTML .....A utility by Gene STARK for converting GEDCOM files to HTML files.  Once you have the resulting HTML files, be sure and run PC2LATIN.EXe on them (see above) if your original GEDCOM files contained foreign characters, such as the German "�" (o umlaut) or "�" (u umlaut).  GED2HTML is a shareware Windows program and it is suggested that if you plan to keep using it you should register it.  GED2HTML.ZIP contains all the files necessary to run the program, including help files.  (File Size:  244,964)

GENKIT .....The Complete Toolkit for the Genealogist, version 2.0.  A shareware DOS menu-driven utility that makes available the following helpers:

  • Abbreviations:  U.S. States & Territories; Canadian Provinces & Territories; World Country ISO Codes; Personal Military Titles; & Scholastic Degrees/Religious Orders.
  • Ahnentafels:  Relationship between 2 Numbers; Chart No. for Ahnentafel Number; Ancestor Nos. by Generation; Sample Ancestor Chart; Ahnentafel Information; Sample Ahnentafel List; Tiny Tafel Information; & Tiny Tafel Example.
  • Date/Calendar Info:  Day of Week from Date; Date of Birth from Date; Date Information; & Gregorian Changeover Dates.
  • Henry Numbers:  Relationships, Equivalencies, & Henry System Information.
  • Land Measurements:  Measurement Calculations & Conversions; Section Measurements; & Typical Township Layout.
  • Relationships:  Cousin Calculator; Common Ancestor Calculator; & Relationship Chart.
  • Research Helps:  Frequently Used Addresses; Census Info; & Veterans Records.
  • Soundex Codes:  Soundex Codes from Name; & Soundex Information.
  • Help/Genkit Info:  Programmer Info.
    (File Size: 56,593)

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