Outdated Medical Terms

Outdated Medical Terms

The table below shows some of the outdated medical terms that you might come across when looking at old records. The further back you go the more likely you are to discover causes of death such as "old age" or "senile heart". We would like to add any more that you know. Send them to us and we will add them. If you think we have got any wrong then please let us know.

Outdated Medical Terms
Old Term Modern Description
Apoplexy Stroke
Atrophy of liver Any kind of wasting or diminshed function and could be applied to other organs
Bad blood Syphilis
Blood poisoning Septicemia
Bright's disease Kidney disease
Chincough Whooping cough
Consumption Tuberculosis, pulmonary
Cretinism Hypothyroidism, congenital
Croup Hoarse croaking cough associated with inflammation of the larynx and trachea in children.
Dropsy Congestive heart failure or any other condition which leads to a build up of fluid (Oedema).
Fatty liver Cirrhosis
General paralysis of the insane Tertiary syphilis
Glandular fever Mononucleosis
Grippe Influenza (Flu)
Jail fever Typhus
Kink Fit of coughing or choking
Lock jaw Tetanus
Lung fever Tuberculosis
Plague/Black death Bubonic plague
Podagra Gout
Pott's disease Tuberculosis of the spinal vertebrae
Phthisis Wasting of the body or pulmonary tuberculosis
Quinsy Acute suppurative tonsillitis; peritonsillar abscess. An acute inflammation of the tonsils with the formation of pus.
Scarlet Fever Acute infectious fever caused by haemolytic streptococcus infection in the throat
Scrofula Tuberculosis of the neck lymph nodes
Toxemia of pregnancyEclampsia (high blood pressure & seizures)

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