Click here to see the Broyles Coat of Arms.  (420 x 533 x Black & White; Download size=15 Kb).  (This appears to be a drawing of the Color depiction and shows more detail.  The artist has changed the spelling of the original from BROHLS to BROYLES.)

Click here to see the Broyles Coat of Arms.  (420 x 552 x 256 Colors. Download size="2"12 Kb.)  (This appears to be a photograph of the original metal? Crest/Coat of Arms taken against a fabric background.  I scanned a copy of the original at 360 dpi and saved it in the .GIF format.  If anyone is interested in a 720 dpi or a 1440 dpi scan, saved in .JPG, .JPEG, .TIF, or .TIF format, at 16 million colors, please send me an email.)  (A graphics file, using the .JPG format, scanned at 720 dpi, and saved with 16 million colors will be about 48 Mb in size.)

It is not certain that this is the, or even a Coat of Arms for the BROYLES name. The name BROHLS is one of the variations of spelling found in ancient documents in both Germany and France.

Some research has been done on the origin of the name in France and it appears that this Crest/Coat of Arms may have been the one awarded to a Knight named BROHLS in the late 13th century or early 14th century for bravery in battle. Sir BROHLS was given substantial land holdings in southern France near the Austrian border; these holdings included a village named, then and now, Brohls. Although no concrete link has yet been established between the French BROHLS and the later German BROHLS/BR�HLS, it is almost certain that this family had its origins in France and were forced to flee to Germany because of religious persecution.

Please keep in mind that this is purely speculation by me, George W. Durman, and is in no way to be taken as documented genealogical research. As time goes by, we seem to be getting closer and closer to the true origins of the BROYLES/BRILES name, but until that fortutious break-through happens, we are left with guessing and speculating.

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