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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Christine Alwine Paige, and this is my genealogy corner on the web.

This is the first update of this site in several years.  I mistakenly assumed that as my children got older, I'd have more time to devote to this "hobby" that would be much more accurately be described as an "obsession."  That has not been the case, and I do regret not being able to spend more time on genealogy.  However, my "living" family always comes first, so please bear with me if I don't get information updated as often as you'd like.

Although I live in Colorado, my roots are pure Pennsylvania.  I am a native of Cambria and Somerset Counties, and still call that area "home."  I visit my family there at least once a year, and try to squeeze in a little research during every trip.

Whether you're a close cousin, distant relative or interested outsider, I hope you find something useful or informative here. Enjoy your visit!

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Visit RootsWeb - Get to the Roots


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German Script Alphabet - Although I learned how to write Suetterlin script in my high school German class, my memory of it has faded and this page comes in handy when trying to decipher old records.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Kudos to Chris Gaunt and John Fuller for a great site.

Bobbi's Ramblin' Roots and Genealogy - a great resource for Catholic genealogy researchers

O.M.I.I. Genealogy Project - a great resource for Amish/Mennonite genealogy researchers

D.A.R. Library - a searchable database of all holdings of the DAR Library; a great way to find titles/authors of books relating to genealogical subjects.


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