Atwood Ancestors from New England and New York
Atwood Families of New England
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   I've been researching the ATWOOD families in New England since 1990.

When my daughter was born, I began to put together a family tree. Most of the great grandparents were newer immigrants, arriving around 1900. The ATWOODs, however, were not new, and the family legend was that they were original settlers of Plimoth Colony.

So, with so many New England resources at my finger tips, I began to 'Root' out our ATWOOD ancestors. After all, I had a family bible with names back to 1853, and I knew that our GGGGF was Henry ATWOOD. How difficult would it be to find HIM ?

I also knew that our GG-Grandfather ATWOOD lived much of his life in the Keene, New Hampshire area..... Easy !!! Soon I had all the ATWOODs that were living in Keene in 1900. All were traceable to an ATWOOD family in Nelson, New Hampshire. I also knew that GG-Grandmother ATWOOD was from Nelson !! How easy can this be ?

Well, I spent 2 years collecting every bit of information on THIS particular ATWOOD family and I couldn't find Henry ! So I began to move out of the Stoddard area. I collected all of the ATWOODs with New Hampshire roots.. No Henry ATWOOD that would match my needs. I checked all the Henry ATWOODs in the 1850 Census index. Soon I had a collection of several thousand ATWOOD and allied families. Then one day in 1994, an ATWOOD cousin living in California, contacted me to say that her mother had an old truck with family letters, photos, and history.

Well, it turned out I had collected information on the wrong ATWOOD families. Our ATWOODs were from Warwick, Massachusetts. A tiny little town with few public records. After some more digging... help from the "bible" of ATWOOD research... "Ye Atte Wode Annals" by Elijah F Atwood, Esq, and countless hours at the The New England Historical and Genealogical Society, I was able to trace OUR ATWOODs back to Plimoth Colony. The legend was correct.

   So, in 1995, I presented to the Internet community, all of my research. First, I did 'Look Ups'. Then in 1998, the family, made the possibility of a searchable database. My data was now accessible to all.

Since that time, I've added an additional 10,000 ATWOODs and their allied families. I add to this almost daily, and correct my mistakes whenever possible. I am human, I do make mistakes; information from some sources is not always reliable. Please VERIFY all information from PRIMARY sources, whenever possible. Sources are available, when known, upon request.

   I have been involved in genealogy for the over 10 years and I am a member of The New England Historical and Genealogical Society, The American and Canadian Genealogical Society, and the Westford Historical Society. The information made available to you is from a variety of sources including first hand information, town or state vital records, church and cemetery records, published genealogies, emails from other researchers or descendants, and information available at many of the genealogy websites.


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