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There are several resources that are free on the Internet that will assist you in your research.  Consider using these services,  most of which require you to sign up or "subscribe".

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To subscribe to the list, click the "Subscribe" link above and enter the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.  No entry on the subject line is  required.

Davidson DNA Project:

DNA testing is now helping genealogists find lost relatives when the paper trail ends and the brick wall takes its place. A painless cheek scraping is used to obtain DNA that can help accurately determine a relationship with either a 99.9% probability of YES or a 100% certainly that no near term relationship existed.  There is an extensive effort in place at this web site.

Davidson  DNA Project and have message boards where you may register and then post messages.  Below are listed the links to each of the forum's.
Davidson Message Board
Davison Message Board
Davisson Message Board
Davidson forum
Davison forum
Davisson forum

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