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Modified Register for William DAVIDSON

First Generation

1.  William DAVIDSON died 1812/1815 in Jones County, Georgia.
William married Nancy.
They had the following children:
+	2	M	i.	Talbot DAVIDSON was born 1799 and died 1871/1875.
	3	M	ii.	Green DAVIDSON was born 1800/1810.
Green married Elizabeth COX on 6 Jan 1824 in Jones County, Georgia.
	4	F	iii.	Nancy DAVIDSON.
Nancy married Asa ALEXANDER on 7 Sep 1820 in Jones County, Georgia.
	5	M	iv.	John DAVIDSON.
	6	M	v.	William DAVIDSON.
	7	M	vi.	Richard DAVIDSON.
	8	M	vii.	James DAVIDSON.

Second Generation

2.  Talbot DAVIDSON (William) was born 1799 in Georgia. He died 1871/1875 in Upson 
County, Georgia and was buried in Hickson Cemetery, Upson County, Georgia.
Talbot married (1) Lenora HARDISON on 13 Jun 1819 in Jones County, Georgia.
They had the following children:
	9	M	i.	Son DAVIDSON was born 1820 in Upson County, Georgia.
	10	F	ii.	daughter DAVIDSON was born 1820 to 1825 in Upson County, Georgia.
	11	M	iii.	James DAVIDSON was born 1823 in Upson County, Georgia.
+	12	M	iv.	Cullen DAVIDSON was born 1825.
	13	M	v.	Joshua C. DAVIDSON was born 1829 in Georgia. He died before 1870.
Joshua married America A. MORELAND on 16 Nov 1859 in Upson County, Georgia. America was born 1827. 
She died 1915 in Upson County, Georgia and was buried in Arnold Methodist Episcopal Church, 
Upson County, Georgia.
Talbot also married (2) Milly Ann (Mrs. Poole) HAMMOCK, daughter of Lewis M. HAMMOCK and Elizabeth 
RAY, on 22 Dec 1833 in Jones County, Georgia. Milly was born 1792 in Georgia. She died 1871 in Upson 
County, Georgia.

Third Generation

12.	Cullen DAVIDSON (Talbot, William) was born 1825 in Georgia.
Cullen married Susan Eveline MILLER, daughter of Mason MILLER and Mary HAMMOCK, on 10 Dec 1844 
in Jones County, Georgia. Susan was born 1825 in Georgia. She died 1892 in Upson County, Georgia.
They had the following children:
	14	F	i.	Christiana DAVIDSON was born 1845 in Georgia. 
She died before 1850 in Georgia.
	15	F	ii.	Catherine DAVIDSON was born 1846 in Georgia.
	16	F	iii.	Mary Elizabeth DAVIDSON was born 1848 in Georgia.
	17	F	iv.	Martha DAVIDSON was born 1852 in Georgia.
	18	M	v.	Cullen DAVIDSON Jr. was born 1861 in Georgia.
Cullen married Sarah P. BOND, daughter of Sanders Madison BOND and Catheriine MILLER. 
Sarah was born 1862.
	19	F	vi.	Melvina DAVIDSON was born Dec 1854 in Georgia.
	20	F	vii.	Isadora DAVIDSON was born 1857 in Georgia.
	21	M	viii.	Green T. DAVIDSON was born 1860 in Georgia.

Appendix A  -  Notes

1.  William DAVIDSON
1820 Jones County, Georgia
Davidson John  Jones 115 Cpt Griffiths Dist 100010 31010 
Davidson Nancy Jones 133 Clinton 000000 10001 
Davison Nancy  Jones     Cpt Wallers Dist 110000 11010 
Davison Talbot Jones 132 Clinton 111000 00100 
Davison James  Jones     101210 00011 

Jones County, Georgia
Will- WILLIAM DAVISON  6/4/1812 - 11/7/1815
Wife: Nancy
Children: Nancy Davison, John Davison, William Davison, Richard Davison, 
Talbot Davison, Green Davison, James Davison
Exec: Good friend, Thomas Blount
Wit: Sanders Donoho, John H. Triplet, Harrison Smith

2.  Talbot DAVIDSON
WorldConnect: Laverne Hammock Tornow 

1820 Jones County, Georgia
Davison Talbot Jones 132 Clinton 111000 00100

1830 Jones County, Georgia
Davidson Talbot Jones p456 
1210010000000 - 0100010000000 

1840 Upson County, Georgia
Davidson Talbot p031 589th Dist 
0111001000000 - 0100001000000

1850 Upson County, Georgia p285/Dw03/86th Division
Davidson, Talbot 51 m w Farmer $7000 Georgia
Davidson, Milly 38 f w Georgia
Davidson, Joshua C. 21 m w Laborer Georgia

1860 Upson County, Georgia p646b/Dw847/589th Dist/Waynmanville P.O.
Davidson, Talbot 60 m w Farmer $14000/$51300 Georgia 
Davidson, Milly (Milly Ann (Mrs. Poole) Hammock) 68 f w Georgia   
Davidson, J. (Joshua C.) 30 m w Overseer $1000 Georgia
Davidson, A. (America A. Moreland) 25 f w Georgia   

1870 Upson County, Georgia p096/Dw377/Thomaston P.O.
Davidson, Talbot 70 m w Farmer $10,000/$5,000 Georgia
Davidson, Milly 78 f w Georgia 
Davidson, America (nee Moreland)36 f w At Home Georgia

3.  Green DAVIDSON
1840 Jones County, Georgia
Davidson Green Jones 138   1000010000000 2121010000000
Davidson Cary Jones 138   0200010000000 3000100000000 
Davidson James Jones 141   0000000010000 0000000001000 
Davidson Delilah Jones 141   0000010000000 0000000010000

1850 Jones County, Georgia p216/Dw563/47th Division
Davidson, Elizabeth 45 f w 300 Georgia 
  (probably w/o Green Davidson, they had a hse full of Girls 1840)
Davidson, Emeline 20 f w Georgia
Davidson, Nancy 18 f w Georgia
Davidson, Mary 17 f w Georgia
Davidson, Elizabeth 13 f w Georgia
Davidson, William 11 m w Georgia
Davidson, Sarah A. 9 f w Georgia
Davidson, James 1 m w Georgia

11.  James DAVIDSON
1850 Upson County, Georgia p286/Dw18/86th Division
Davidson, James 26 m w Farmer $450 Georgia
  (likely a son of Talbot Davidson)
Davidson, Nancy 25 f w Georgia
Davidson, James 6 m w Georgia
Davidson, Sarah J. 4 f w Georgia
Davidson, Mary A. 2 f w Georgia

12.  Cullen DAVIDSON
WorldConnect: David R Wilson 

1850 Upson County, Georgia p287/Dw29/86th Division
Davidson, Cullin 24 m w Farmer $100 Georgia
Davidson, Susan 23 f w Georgia
Davidson, Catherine 4 f w Georgia
Davidson, Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth) 2 f w Georgia

1860 Crawford County, Georgia page 935  Beasley's Dist Knoxville P.O. 
Davison Cullen 35 m Farmer 1000/1550 Georgia 
Davison Susan E. 35 f Georgia 
Davison Christianna 15 f     Georgia 
Davison Mary E. 11 f     Georgia 
Davison Melvina 6 f     Georgia 
Davison Isadora 3 f     Georgia 
Davison Green T. 6/12 m     Georgia

1870 Crawford County, Georgia p441/Dw/Hickory Grove P.O.
Davison, Cullin 45 m w Georgia

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