Descendants of Solomon Davidson & Drucilla Return

Descendants of

"Researchers:  If your research relates you to a Solomon Davidson, note that some researchers believe that the son of David and Mary “Maza” Phillips of Virginia named Solomon Davidson was a different man versus the Solomon Davidson who is shown on this page.  Review the information here:"


First Generation

1.  Solomon DAVIDSON was born 1810. He died Dec 1859 in Georgia.
Solomon married Drucilla. Drucilla was born 1815 in Georgia.
They had the following children:
    2  M  i.    Elijah N. DAVIDSON was born 1833 in Georgia.
    3  M  ii.   Hezekiah A. DAVIDSON was born 1835 in Georgia.
    4  M  iii.  J. W. DAVIDSON was born 1837 in Georgia.
    5  M  iv.   J. A. DAVIDSON was born 1839 in Georgia.
    6  M  v.    Walter G. DAVIDSON was born 1841 in Georgia.
Walter married Sarah E. C. BIGGERS on 5 Mar 1865 in Habersham County, Georgia. 
Sarah was born 1841 in Georgia.
    7  F  vi.   M. A. DAVIDSON was born 1843 in Georgia.
    8  F  vii.  Sarah E. DAVIDSON was born 1845 in Georgia.
    9  M  viii. Robert W. D. DAVIDSON was born 1848 in Georgia.
    10  M  ix.  William C. DAVIDSON was born 1851 in Habersham County, Georgia.
    11  F  x.   Mahala DAVIDSON was born 1854 in Habersham County, Georgia.
    12  M  xi.  William B. H. (Billy B. H.) DAVIDSON was born 1856 in Habersham County, Georgia.

Appendix A  -  Notes

1.  Solomon DAVIDSON
1840 Cherokee County, Georgia
Davidson Solomon Habersham p156 Capt. Ray's Dist 
2200010000000 - 0000100000000 

1850 Habersham County, Georgia p293b/85/12th District
Davidson, Solomon (d. Dec '59, 48yr) 40 m w Farmer & ?? $5,000 NC
Davidson, Drucilla 32 f Georgia 
Davidson, E. N. 17 m w Farmer Georgia
Davidson, H. A. 15 m w Georgia 
Davidson, J. W. 13 m w Georgia 
Davidson, J. A. 11 m w Georgia 
Davidson, W. G. 9 m w Georgia (Walter G.)
Davidson, M. A. 7 f w Georgia
Davidson, S. E. 5 f w Georgia
Davidson, W. D. 3 m w Georgia (Robert W. D.)
Wheet, James inmate 16 m w Farmer Georgia

1860 Habersham County, Georgia p888/Dw484/
Davidson, Drucilla 45 f w House Keeper & Farmer $5,000/$680 Georgia
Davidson, Elijah N. 26 m w Day Laborer Georgia
Davidson, Walton G. 18 m w Day Laborer Georgia
Davidson, Sarah E. 13 f w Georgia
Davidson, Robert W. 12 m w Georgia
Davidson, William C. 9 m w Georgia
Davidson, Mahala 6 f w Georgia
Davidson, Billy B. H. 4 m w Georgia

1870 Habersham County, Georgia p208/Dw609/Deep Creek District/Clarksville P.O.
Davidson, Drucilla 55 f w Farming $3,000/$900 Georgia
Davidson, Robert W. 21 m w Works on Farm Georgia
Davidson, William C. 18 m w Works on Farm Georgia
Davidson, Mahala J. 16 f w Georgia
Davidson, William B. H. 14 m w Works on Farm Georgia
Lockwood, Ned 45 m b Works on Farm Georgia

3.  Hezekiah A. DAVIDSON
1860 Habersham County, Georgia p888/Dw485/
Davidson Hezekiah A. 25 m w Farmer 000/$100 Georgia
Davidson, Elizabeth 20 f w Housekeeper Georgia
Davidson, Mary S. 1 f w Georgia

6.  Walter G. DAVIDSON
1870 Habersham County, Georgia 
Davidson Walter G. 29 m w Georgia Deep Crk Dist Habersham 204

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