Descendants of Lewis Davidson and Zelpha Rogers Return


The Descendants of
{1826 - 1900}
Collected and Compiled by
Maxine Reggio
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The Descendants of LEWIS DAVIDSON {1826 - 1900} Listing 18 descendants for 3 generations. 1. LEWIS1 DAVIDSON was born 1826 at Tennessee. He married ZELPHA ROGERS 7 Aug 1845 at RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tennessee. She was born 1828 at Tennessee. She was the daughter of DEAN ROGERS and PURITY ROGERS. They had 4 children: + 2. f i. PURITY ELIZABETH DAVIDSON, born 18 Apr 1846, died 21 Oct 1925. 9. m ii. JOSEPH DAVIDSON , born 1863 at Missouri. 10. f iii. EMALINE DAVIDSON, born 1864 at Missouri. + 11. f iv. SOPHIA EVELYN DAVIDSON, born 20 Jul 1868, died 12 Jul 1894. ***I am sure there are more children in this family. Sure wish I could find them.
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Listing the descendants of PURITY ELIZABETH DAVIDSON (18 Apr 1846 - 21 Oct 1925) 2. PURITY ELIZABETH2 DAVIDSON (1.LEWIS1) was born 18 Apr 1846 at Tennessee. PURITY died 21 Oct 1925 at HUGO, CHOCTAW COUNTY. OKLAHOMA. She married GEORGE THOMAS WOOD 1872. They had 6 children: 3. m i. JAMES L. WOOD, born 1875 at TEXAS, died 1900 at FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS. 4. m ii. GEORGE W. WOOD, born 1878 at TEXAS. 5. f iii. MARGARET WOOD, born 1878 at TEXAS, died before 1891 at TEXAS. + 6. f iv. MARY BELLE WOOD, born 18 Mar 1876, died 2 May 1969. + 7. f v. JOEANNIE WOOD, born 5 Dec 1885, died 30 Dec 1970. 8. m vi. WILLIE WOOD. 6. MARY BELLE3 WOOD (2.PURITY2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 18 Mar 1876 at DENISON, GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. MARY died 2 May 1969 at HUGO, CHOCTAW COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. She married (1) JAMES F. CLARK. They had 3 children: f i. VENEY CLARK, born 1900. f ii. MATTIE M. CLARK, born about 1903, died about 1953. f iii. PURITY FAYE CLARK, born about 1903. MARY married (2) JOHN S. SHAWHART. They had 8 children: f iv. WILLIE SHAWHART, born about 1908. f v. ALICE (ALLIE) SHAWHART, born about 1910. f vi. KATIE BELLE SHAWHART, born 12 Apr 1912, died 11 Sep 1988. f vii. ROSA V. SHAWHART, born 5 Dec 1913. m viii. JOHN, JR. SHAWHART, born about 1916. f ix. AUDREY LEE SHAWHART, born 23 Mar 1918, died 16 Sep 1989. f x. OMA SHAWHART, born 25 Mar 1920, died 26 Jan 1996. f xi. ONA SHAWHART, born 25 Mar 1920. 7. JOEANNIE3 WOOD (2.PURITY2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 5 Dec 1885 at DENISON, GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. JOEANNIE died 30 Dec 1970. She married WILLIAM (W.J.T.) MILLER born 1900. He died 1970 at BENTON, SALINE COUNTY, ARKANSAS. They had 9 children: f i. LILLIE ELIZABETH MILLER, born 1900, died 8 May 1972. f ii. OMIE MILLER, born 1906. f iii. ANNIE MILLER, born 1906. f iv. HATTIE MILLER, born 1906. m v. CLYDE (BLACKIE) MILLER, born 1911. m vi. RUPERT (BENNY) MILLER, born 1915. m vii. LEWIS MILLER, born 1918. f viii. MARY LILLIAN MILLER, born 9 Aug 1922. f ix. LYDA BELL MILLER, born 1927.
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Listing the descendants of SOPHIA EVELYN DAVIDSON (20 Jul 1868 - 12 Jul 1894) 11. SOPHIA EVELYN2 DAVIDSON (1.LEWIS1) was born 20 Jul 1868 at Missouri. SOPHIA died 12 Jul 1894 at GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. She married WILLIAM RICHARD TIMOTHY WHITE. He was born 1 Mar 1861 at IRELAND. WILLIAM died 18 Dec 1920 at WILSON, CARTER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, and was buried at HEWITT CEMETERY, WILSON, CARTER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. They had 5 children: + 12. f i. ZELPHA ROSEANN (ROSY) WHITE, born about 1883. + 13. m ii. JESSIE R. (JAMES?) WHITE, born 12 Dec 1888, died 22 Dec 1927. + 14. f iii. TINA MAE (TINY) WHITE, born 14 Feb 1885, died 15 May 1973. + 15. f iv. NELLIE ELLEN WHITE, born 5 Jan 1889, died 24 Nov 1958. 16. f v. SUZIE JANE WHITE, born about 1892. children of William and Lena: + 17. f vi. INEZ WILLIA WHITE, born 14 Feb 1910, died 6 Apr 1948. + 18. f vii. HETTIE OMA WHITE, born 3 Feb 1913, died 8 Apr 1980. WILLIAM also married (2) LENA BURIS, 9 May 1909. She was born 10 Feb 1877. LENA died 20 Aug 1953 at SULPHUR, MURRAY COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. NOTES for LENA: DAILY ARDEMORITE FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1953 - Funeral Rites To Be Saturday Funeral services for Mrs. Lena Brantley, who died Thursday will be conducted Saturday afternoon, 1:30, in the First Christian Church, Davis. The Rev. Wilbur Johnson, pastor of the church will officiate. Interment will be in the Hewitt cemetery, east of Wilson, with Bahner Funeral Home of Davis in charge. Mrs. Brantley moved to Davis seven years ago from Oklahoma City. Survivors include four daughters, Mrs. Phagan, Corpus Christi, Texas; Mrs. Pearl Lightsey, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Ethel Holliman, Wilson, and Mrs. Jack Witcher, Davis; Two sisters, Mrs. Vina Culpit, Idabel, and Mrs. Maude Holt, Aransas Pass, Texas; 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. The pallbearers will be George Hunt, Carrol Bell, Vance Miller, Wesley Smith, George Thomas, all of Davis and U.R. Alexander, Wilson. 12. ZELPHA ROSEANN (ROSY)3 WHITE (11.SOPHIA2, 1.LEWIS1) was born about 1883. She married RICHARD SMITH. They had 6 children: m i. ROY SMITH. f ii. MAY SMITH. f iii. RUTH SMITH. f iv. BESSIE SMITH. m v. RUSSELL CHARLIE SMITH. m vi. RALPH SMITH. 13. JESSIE R. (JAMES?)3 WHITE (11.SOPHIA2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 12 Dec 1888 at GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. JESSIE died 22 Dec 1927 at ANADARKO, CADDO COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, and was buried at MEMORY LANE CEMETERY ANADARKO, OKLAHOMA. He married MYRTLE ______ about 1906. They had 3 children: m i. JOSEPH WHITE, born 1907. f ii. BIDA WHITE, born about 1909. f iii. LORENE WHITE, born 1911. NOTES for JESSIE: Jesse was buried in lot #15 grave # 11 at Anadarko, Ok. There is a headstone. Jesse was probably named Jesse Richard for his father. I do not know if his name was Jessie James. James was probably a nickname if that was what he was called. This was just folk lore so I do not know fact except Jesse R. White was the name on his headstone. Maxine. 14. TINA MAE (TINY)3 WHITE (11.SOPHIA2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 14 Feb 1885 at DRIPPING SPRINGS, GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. TINA died 15 May 1973 at ANADARKO HOSPITAL, CADDO COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, and was buried 17 May 1973 at MEMORY LANE CEMETERY, ANADARKO, CADDO COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. She married (1) SIMON M. CHAPMAN 15 Jun 1901 at GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. No children have yet been identified. TINA married (2) JAMES STEWART (JIM) HOLDGE 12 Aug 1906 at INDIAN TERRITORY, OK. He was born 23 Apr 1887 at TEXAS. He was the son of UNKNOWN HOLDGE and MOLISSA ANN BUTLER. JAMES died 13 Oct 1927 at CHICKASHA, GRADY COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, and was buried at ANADARKO, CADDO COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. They had 8 children: m i. TEDDY LEE (TED) HOLDGE, born 14 Jun 1907, died 7 Feb 1989. m ii. HOWARD JAMES HOLDGE, born 24 May 1909. m iii. LEONARD FLOYD (BUD) HOLDGE, born 18 Mar 1912, died 8 Sep 1977. f iv. ETHEL JUANITA HOLDGE, born 20 Aug 1915, died 23 Nov 1985. f v. MINNIE CHRISTINE (DOLLY) HOLDGE, born 20 Dec 1916. m vi. OSCAR HOLDGE. f vii. JOSIE EVELYN HOLDGE, born 27 Jul 1925. u viii. BABY HOLDGE, born 23 Jan 1928, died 23 Jan 1928. NOTES for JAMES: CHICKASHA DAILY Friday, October 14, 1927 - Accident at Gin Fatal to Farmer of Washita Area Jim Holdge of Washita, died in a local hospital at about midnight Thursday as the result of injuries received at a Washita gin Thursday afternoon. Mr. Holdge had been standing on top of a load of cotton that was being discharged at the gin, when the team pulled forward, causing him to topple backwards to the ground. His skull was fractured in the fall and he was brought to a local hospital late Thursday afternoon in a critical condition. An operation removed the pressure caused by the injury but death followed several hours later. The body was returned early this morning to Washita for burial. *** ANADARKO TRIBUNE Thursday, October 20, 1927 - Farmer at Washita Dies From Fall From A Wagon James S. Holdge, aged 40, who resided four miles west and three-fourth miles north of Anadarko, died in a Chickasha hospital about midnight last Thursday as a result of injuries received at a Washita gin Thursday afternoon. Mr. Holdge had been standing on top of a load of cotton that was being discharged at the gin, when the team pulled forward suddenly, causing him to topple backwards to the ground. His skull was fractured in the fall. The Gish ambulance was called and he was rushed to the Chickasha hospital in a critical condition. An operation removed the pressure caused by the injury but death followed several hours later. The body was returned to Anadarko and funeral services were held at the Anadarko cemetery Saturday afternoon at 2:30 with the Gish Funeral Home in charge. Rev. F.L. Farrington conducted the services. Deceased leaves his wife and six children, mother, four brothers and three sisters. *** (Same Newspaper as above) - CARD OF THANKS We take this method of thanking our neighbors and friends for their kindness and words of sympathy shown in the sudden death of our beloved husband, father and brother. May God's blessing abide with you all. Mrs. J.S. Holdge and family, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Thompson and family. TINA married (3) THOMAS H. PATE 6 May 1935 at OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA COUNTY., Oklahoma. No children have yet been identified. NOTES for TINA: ANADARKO DAILY NEWS December 3, 1972 SISTERS MEET AFTER 51 YEARS page 1 (Reunited after 51 years are these half-sisters who found one another Friday through a newspaper ad published last week. They are Mrs. Hettie Witcher (left) of Davis and Mrs. Tina Holdge of 201 1/2 W. Kentucky. (Photo and story by Mick Taylor) A few happy tears and a lot of smiles warmed the home of Mrs. Tina Holdge of 201 1/2 W. Kentucky Friday, as she was reunited with her half-sister after 51 years. The pair found one another through a newspaper ad published last week. Friends and relatives gathered at the home to listen as the pair recalled names, stories and events which they shared as youths. Ironically, Mrs. Holdge's son, Howard, had for the past 20 years unknowingly been passing the home of his aunt, Mrs. Hettie Witcher of Davis, while on his regular trips to Ardmore and Lakes Murray and Texhoma. It was a practice of his to stop at a restaurant across the street from her house. When Mrs. Witcher notified the Holdges Friday morning of who she was and where she lived the nephew had no problem locating her. Holdge, who own a farm near Fort Cobb, said the family had wanted to get in touch with Mrs. Holdge's long-lost sister for many years"but had never quite got around to it." "We just finally made up our minds that we had to do it," he said. "Mom is getting old." Last week, the family placed ads in the Oklahoma Rural News and Cappers Weekly. Mrs. Witcher discovered the ad in the Rural News Wednesday when a friend identified Mrs. Witcher as the missing sister and brought it to her. She called the Holdges the following morning. "We've had a lot to talk about today," Mrs. Witcher said. "I've talked until I'm hoarse." She said she would stay at her sister's home until Tuesday or Wednesday visiting with friends and relatives and trying to make up for some of the lost time. *** OKLAHOMA RURAL NEWS March 1973 NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA HOMEMAKERS - Rural News Mail Box Reunites Half-Sisters (Back together again after 51 years of not seeing each other or knowing where the other lived are these two half-sisters as Mrs. Tina Holdge prepares to cut a heart-shaped birthday cake to celebrate her 88th. birthday. Mrs. Holdge was united with her half-sister, Mrs. Hettie Witcher, standing, as the result of a notice in the Oklahoma Rural News' Mail Box in which Mrs. Howard Holdge, Fort Cobb, wrote asking to learn the whereabouts of some of her mother-in-law's relatives.) Eight lines of type in the Oklahoma Rural News brought two half-sisters back together after a 51-year separation. Mrs. Tina Holdge, Anadarko, and Mrs. Hettie Witcher, Davis, were reunited recently as the result of a notice in the "Mail Box" on the Homemakers Pages of the December issue of the Oklahoma Rural News. They hadn't seen each other since the death of their father, W.R. White, in 1921 as each lost track of where the other lived. Less than 100 miles separated Mrs. Holdge and Mrs. Witcher during the last half century. Mrs. Holdge's son, Howard Holdge, who farms near Fort Cobb and is a member of Caddo Electric Cooperative, often stopped for coffee at a restaurant across the street from Mrs. Witcher's home when on fishing trips or on his way to field trials for dogs. Although Mrs. Witcher doesn't receive the Oklahoma Rural News, a friend, Mrs. Thelma Mabry, who lives three miles west of Davis, saw a Mail Box item submitted by Mrs. Howard Holdge in the December Oklahoma Rural News and took it to Mrs. Witcher. Mrs. Holdge stated in the Mail Box item that she was trying to locate the children of W.R. and Lena White. Her mother-in-law and husband had talked with her for some time about trying to find Tina Holdge's half-sister before she got around to writing the letter to the Rural News. Mrs. Mabry took the paper to Mrs. Witcher the same day she received it and Mrs. Witcher called Holdge the next day. Holdge went to Davis the following day to pick up Mrs. Witcher to take her to see his mother in Anadarko. "You never saw any saw any two happier people in your life," Mrs. Holdge's daughter-in-law said of the reunion. "How'd you like to see your little half-sister," Holdge asked his mother? "Oh, that can never be," she responded. "I'd have never known her (Tina Holdge) if I'd have met her in the middle of the road," Mrs. Witcher said. The reason the two became separated was that Mrs. Holdge, who was born on Valentine's Day in 1885, was grown and had a family when her father died while her half-sister was only seven at the time. Mrs. Holdge moved with her son from Durant to Caddo COUNTY in 1926. Although the two half-sisters had a long visit when first reunited in December, Mrs. Witcher was back in Anadarko to help celebrate her sister's 88th birthday on Valentine's Day last month *** ANADARKO DAILY NEWS May 16, 1973 - Mrs. Tina Holdge Mrs. Tina Mae Holdge, 88, of 410 S.W. Second, died late Tuesday afternoon in Anadarko Municipal Hospital. Services will be at 2:00 p.m. Thursday at Smith Funeral Chapel with Rev. David Blalock, pastor of Anadarko's Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, presiding. Burial will be in Memory Lane Cemetery. Mrs. Holdge was born Feb. 14, 1885 in Grayson COUNTY Texas. She married Jim Holdge in 1906 at Durant and the couple moved from there to Washita in 1926. Mrs. Holdge cane to Anadarko in 1949. Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Dollie Valla of Anadarko, Mrs. Ethel Axton of Mesquite, Tex., and Mrs. Josie Corbin of Kerman, Calif.; three sons, Howard of Fort Cobb, Ted of Gracemont and Bud of Anadarko; one sister, Mrs. Hettie Witcher of Davis, 20 grandchildren, 51 great-grandchildren, and 11 great-great- grandchildren. Mrs. Holdge was preceded in death by her husband in 1927 and nine children, one brother and two sisters. 15. NELLIE ELLEN3 WHITE (11.SOPHIA2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 5 Jan 1889 at GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. NELLIE died 24 Nov 1958 at LAWTON, COMANCHE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. She married WILLIAM (WILL) M. JONES 19 Aug 1906 at PRESTON BEND, GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS. He was born 1 Apr 1884. WILLIAM died 21 Jun 1953 at LAWTON, COMANCHE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. They had 12 children: f i. JUANITA RUTH JONES, born 17 Jan 1909, died 31 May 1992. m ii. WOODROW RUMSEY JONES, born 5 May 1911, died 13 Apr 1972. m iii. ROBERT GERALD (BOB) JONES, born 17 Mar 1915, died Dec 1984. m iv. GIFFORD W. JONES, born 14 Feb 1917, died 17 Aug 1917. m v. JOHN PERSHING (J.P.) JONES, born 17 Jan 1919. m vi. HERBERT WESLEY JONES, born 17 Jan 1919. m vii. DONALD LINILE (JACK) JONES, born 16 Aug 1923. m viii. CHARLEY FLOYD (SKEET) JONES, born 27 Feb 1923. m ix. ARLEY BOYD (PETE) JONES, born 27 Feb 1926, died 19 Nov 1994. m x. BILLIE OTIS JONES, born 3 Jun 1930, died Mar 1991. m xi. CLAUDE HOWARD (WINKIE) JONES, born 29 Jun 1932. m xii. INFANT BOY JONES, died AT BIRTH. NOTES for WILLIAM: Lawton Constitution Monday, June 22, 1953 pg 5 William M. Jones William M. Jones, 69, of 2002 Washington, died at 10:30 p.m. Sunday in a local hospital. He had been in failing health for some time. Born April 1, 1884 in Denton county, Tex., he had lived in this area for about 50 years. He was married in 1906 to Nellie White at Preston Bend, Tex. Survivors, besides his wife, are a daughter, Mrs. Jake Giles, 2616 D; nine sons, Woodrow, Bob and D.L. all of Fresno, Calif.; John, Oklahoma City; Herbert, 2506 Jefferson; Pete, 2516 I. Charley, serving with the Army in Korea; Howard, in the Air Force; and Billy, home address; two sisters, Nancy Jones, 304 Gore; Mrs. Howard Bain, Chattanooga; two brothers, Jack, Cresent; Ted, Upland, Calif. Funeral arrangements are pending and will be announced by Lawson Funeral home. NOTES for NELLIE: Lawton Constitution November 24, 1958 pg 5 Nellie Ellen (White) Jones Services are set for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Lawton Funeral home chapel for Mrs. Nellie Ellen Jones, 69, of 2002 Washington. Mrs. Jones died about 3:30 a.m. today in a local hospital. Born Jan. 5, 1889, in Grayson county, Tex., she came to Lawton in 1907 with her husband, W. M. Jones. The couple had been married in Preston Bend, Tex., in August of 1906. After living for a short time in other Oklahoma cities, they returned to Lawton in 1921 and had resided here since that time. Jones died in 1953. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Jake Giles, 2616 D; nine sons, Woodrow and Robert both of Fresno, Calif.; J. P and Herbert, both of Rt. 3; Bill, of the home; Pete, of No. 3 S. Fourth; Charley, of Fort Chaffee, Ark; Howard, of Brentwood, Md., and Jack of Mesa, Ariz., two sitters, Mrs. Tina Holdge, Anadarko, and Mrs. Rosa Smith, Arlington, Tex.; 30 grandchildren and 13 great- grandchildren. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens. *** Lawton Constitution Wednesday November 26, 1958 pg 12 Services were held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Lawton Funeral home chapel for Mrs. Nellie Ellen Jones, 69, of 2002 Washington, who died Monday afternoon in a local hospital. Rev. Joe Gomez, pastor of the Belleview Baptist church, officiated. Bearers were Vernon Anderson, Sammy Strange, Parker Medford, R. Nichols, Ed Hood and J. C. Kimbrough. Burial was in Sunset Memorial Gardens. 17. INEZ WILLIA3 WHITE (11.SOPHIA2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 14 Feb 1910. She was the biological daughter of WILLIAM RICHARD TIMOTHY WHITE and LENA BURIS {4450}. INEZ died 6 Apr 1948 at ARDMORE, CARTER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. She married VERNIE LESTER HOLDER. He was born 11 Jan 1905. VERNIE died 6 Aug 1973. They had 2 children: m i. TROY CLETUS (BILLY) HOLDER, born 13 Mar 1930, died 19 Apr 1996. f ii. WYEMA HOLDER NOTES for VERNIE: DAILY ARDMOREITE AUGUST 1973 - Vernie L. Holder - Wilson, OK Services for Vernie Lester Holder, 703 2nd Ave., NW, Ardmore, will be at 10:00 a.m. Thursday in the Wilson First Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev. LeRoy Williams of Lone Grove. Burial will follow at Hewitt Cemetery under the direction of Leslie Funeral Home, Wilson. Holder was born Jan. 11, 1905 in Hewitt and died Monday in an Ardmore hospital. He lived his entire life in the Wilson Area, before moving to Ardmore 15 years ago. His wife, Willie preceded him in death in 1948. Survivors include one son, Troy, Guymon; one daughter, Wyemma Stutzka, Omaha; one brother, Lewis, Ardmore; three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. NOTES for INEZ: WILSON POST DEMOCRAT APRIL 15, 1948 - Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Inez Willia Holder Funeral services were Thursday in the First Baptist Church for Mrs. Inez Willia Holder, who died Tuesday in Ardmore. Rev. Cecil Stubbs, zaneis, officiated. Burial was in the Hewitt cemetery with Richeson Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Mrs. Holder had lived in the Wilson community for 33 years. She is survived by her husband, Lester Holder, and two children Billy and Wyemma, of Wilson; her mother, Mrs. Lena Brantley, Davis; and four sisters, Mrs. Pearl Lightsey, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Hettie Witcher, Davis; Mrs. Cora Fogans, Rockport, Texas, and Mrs. Ethel Holliman, Wilson. 18. HETTIE OMA3 WHITE (11.SOPHIA2, 1.LEWIS1) was born 3 Feb 1913 at VALLIANT, MCCURTAIN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. She was the biological daughter of WILLIAM RICHARD TIMOTHY WHITE and LENA BURIS. HETTIE died 8 Apr 1980 at ARDMORE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, CARTER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, and was buried 11 Apr 1980 at GREEN HILL CEMETERY, CARTER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. She married JACK WITCHER. He was born 9 Mar 1892 at HOUSTONIA, Missouri. JACK died 28 Sep 1970 at SULPHUR, MURRAY COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, and was buried at GREEN HILL CEMETERY. They had 3 children: m i. R.J. WITCHER. m ii. CHARLES DUTRO WITCHER, born 13 Mar 1932, died 7 Jun 1983. f iii. PAULA WITCHER. NOTES for JACK: THE ADA NEWS OCTOBER 1, 1970 - RITES SLATED FOR WITCHER Richard Jack Witcher, 78, a resident of Davis since 1919, died Monday, Sept. 28 at Veterans hospital, Sulphur. Funeral services are planned for Thursday, Oct. 1 at 3:00 p.m. in First United Methodist church. Rev. Leroy Tignor, pastor of Pentecostal Holiness church, will officiate, assisted by Rev. Troy Pults, pastor of United Methodist. Masonic graveside services will be conducted by members of Tyre Lodge No. 42, AF&AM, at Green Hill cemetery, Members of the lodge will be pallbearers. Bahner Funeral home is in charge of arrangements. Witcher was a native of Houstonia, Mo. He was born March 9, 1892, and served during World War I. Following his discharge he moved to Davis. He was a retired state highway employee and also worked as a fireman at cotton gins in Davis. Survivors include his wife, Hettie of the home; one daughter, Mrs. Paula Staples of Redding, Calif.; two sons, R.J. Witcher of Oklahoma City, and Dutro Witcher of Spenard, Alaska; one sister Mrs. Bernice Gauldin of Marshall, Mo., six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. NOTES for HETTIE: DAVIS NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1980 - OBITUARIES - HETTIE O. WITCHER page 9 Funeral services for Mrs. Hettie O. Witcher were April 11 in Bahnet-Fox Funeral chapel. She died April 8 in Ardmore Memorial Hospital. Rev Finis Steelman, pastor of First Baptist Church, officiated. Burial was in Green Hill cemetery. Bahnet-Fox Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. pallbearers were Thomas Mabry, Tom Hayes, Rick Witcher, Keith Graham, Billy Holder and Dale Thompson. Born Feb. 3, 1913, in Valliant, Mrs. Witcher had lived in Davis almost all of her life. Her husband, Jack died in 1970. Survivors are two sons, R.J. Witcher of Oklahoma City and Charles Dutro Witcher of Norman; one daughter, Mrs. Paula Pasley of Redding, Calif.; three sisters, Mrs. Ethel Holliman of Wilson, Mrs. Pearl Lightsey of Oklahoma City and Mrs. Cora Seltzer of Corpus Christi, Tex.; six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Maxine Reggio 7205 N.W. 46th St., Bethany, OK 73008-2317 405-789-3337 Also the line of Lyn Cordell and Dottie and Jim Rogers

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