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Descendants of

Joseph Davidson and Sarah Peavy

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Descendants of Joseph DAVIDSON

First Generation

1.  Joseph DAVIDSON was born 1754. He died 29 Aug 1830 in Pike County, Georgia.

More about Joseph Davidson:
From WorldConnect: Margie Pearce :
Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, 
v 3 (N-Z) abstracted by Virgil D. White.
DAVIDSON Joseph, Sarah, W4175, NC Line, sol enl in NC, in 1818 sol was 
living in Jasper County, Georgia & previous to 1818 had lived in Montgomery 
County, Alabama, sol appl 19 Apr 1824 Pike County, Georgia aged 70 where 
he had lived for 6 yrs & sol d there 29 Aug 1830, sol had m Sarah (--) on 
12 Sep 1781 in Orange County, North Carolina & she was b in 1761.
In 1855 one Unity Pevy of Meriwether County, Georgia stated her dec'd 
husband was a bro of sol's wid wid appl 5 Nov 1838 Pike County Georgia 
& she d there 13 Mar 1841, wid stated she had 13 children by sol & that 
there were 10 living children in 1838 but the only children living in 1855 
were; John, Jr. the oldest son, Polly who m Isham Boman, Eleanor who 
m Isaac Weldon, Sarah who m Dread Warren, Margaret who m Benajmin 
Linch, Nancy Who m John Weldon & George Washington Davidson, in 1838 
one Isaac T. Weldon was a res of Pike County Georgia but his relationship to 
family wasn't stated.

1830 Pike County, Georgia
Davidson Joseph Pike p109 0100000000100 0200100010000

Joseph married Sarah PEAVY, daughter of Mr. PEAVY, on 12 Sep 1781 in 
Orange County, North Carolina. Sarah was born 1761. She died 13 Mar 1841 
in Pike County, Georgia.
They had the following children:
	2	M	i.	John DAVIDSON Jr.
	3	F	ii.	Mary "Polly" DAVIDSON.
Mary married Isham BOMAN/BOWMAN.
	4	F	iii.	Eleanor DAVIDSON.
Eleanor married Isaac WELDON.
	5	F	iv.	Margaret "Peggy" DAVIDSON.
Margaret married Benjamin LYNCH on 13/14 Oct 1814 in Pulaski County, Georgia.
	6	F	v.	Sarah DAVIDSON.
Sarah married Dread WARREN.
	7	F	vi.	Nancy DAVIDSON.
Nancy married John WELDON.
	8	M	vii.	George Washington DAVIDSON.
+	9	M	viii.	Washington (s/o Joseph & Sarah?) DAVIDSON was born 1805.

Second Generation

9.  Washington (s/o Joseph & Sarah?) DAVIDSON (Joseph) was born 
1805 in Georgia.

More about Washington Davidson:
1830 Pike County, Georgia
males: 1-5 to 10; 1-80 to 90
females: 2-5 to 10; 1-20 to 30; 1-60 to 70 
(...had a dau or gdau living at home with 3 children)

1830 Campbell County, Georgia
197 Daveson, Washington   
males: 1-under 5; 1-5 to 10; 1-10 to 15; 1-20 to 30
females: 1-under 5; 1-20 to 30

1840 Coweta County, Georgia
Davison Washington Coweta 329 Cedar Creek Dist 
1220010000000 1000100000000 

Davisen Thomas Coweta 353 3rd Dist 
1221000100000 0001001000000 

1850 Carroll Co. Georgia
Washington Davidson 45 m Georgia
Myra Davidson 39 f Georgia
Egbert Davidson 23 m Georgia
Simeon Davidson 18 m Georgia
Wiley Davidson 16 m Georgia
William Davidson 14 m Georgia
Sarah Davidson 12 f Georgia
Nancy Davidson 10 f Georgia
Mary Davidson 8 f Georgia
Dallas Davidson 6 m Georgia
Telina Davidson 4 f Georgia

1860 Calhoun Co. Alabama  p437 
Davidson, Washington  Farmer Georgia
Davidson, Miera* 48 f Georgia
Davidson, Nancy 18 f Georgia
Davidson, Dallas* 15 m Georgia
Davidson, Mary 13 f Georgia
Davidson, Tilaro* 10 m Georgia
Davidson, Thomas 7 m Georgia
Davidson, Wiley 24 m Georgia

Washington married Meriah "Myra" MIZE on 27 Dec 1826 
in Pike County, Georgia. Meriah was born 1811 in Georgia.

More about Meriah Mize: 
1850 Carroll County, Georgia
(related to Meriah Mize?)
1 Andrew Mize 64 m Virginia
2 Sarah Mize 62 f Georgia 
3 A. A. Mize 23 m Georgia
4 William A. Mize 20 m Georgia 
5 Mary Mize 17 f Georgia 
6 Ann Mize 15 f Georgia
7 John Mize 13 m Georgia
8 Martha Mize 9 f Georgia
9 Andrew J. Mize 7 m Georgia
10 Thomas Mize 4 m Georgia 
11 Harriet Mize 18 f Georgia
12 Sarah Mize 1m f Georgia

They had the following children:
+	10	M	i.	Egbert Christian DAVIDSON was born 1827.
	11	M	ii.	Simeon DAVIDSON was born 1832 in Georgia.
Simeon married Sarah WEBSTER on 24 Jan 1858 in Campbell County, Georgia.
	12	M	iii.	Wiley DAVIDSON was born 1834 in Georgia.

More about Wiley Davidson:
1860 Randolph County, Alabama  page 501  
Warren S. W. 47 m Farmer   Georgia 
Warren P. A. 15 m     Alabama
Davidson Wiley 23 m     Georgia

+	13	M	iv.	William J. DAVIDSON was born 1836.
+	14	F	v.	Sarah J. DAVIDSON was born about 1838.
	15	F	vi.	Nancy DAVIDSON was born 1840 in Georgia.
	16	F	vii.	Mary DAVIDSON was born 1842 in Georgia.
	17	M	viii.	Dallas DAVIDSON was born 1844 in Georgia.
	18	F	ix.	Telina DAVIDSON was born 1846 in Georgia.

Third Generation

10.  Egbert Christian DAVIDSON (Washington, Joseph) was born 1827 in Georgia.

More about Egbert Davidson:

From Carol McClellan-Ohlweiler :
According to my undocumented data I have Violet Jane Henderson b. Sept. 26, 1831 
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; m. to Edward Constantine Davidson of the 
Hopewell Dist., Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d. June 15, 1914 probably in 
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; buried in the Davidson Family Cemetery, Rural 
Hill, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  
Violet Jane was the d/o David Robinson/Robison Henderson & Margaret "Peggy" 
Davidson Alexander.

From Paul "Dean" Sawyer  :
David Robinson Henderson (1793 1846) and Margaret Davidson Alexander
(1797-1854-- both buried in Sugar Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, Mecklenburg 
County, North Carolina
Mary  Henderson (1821-1837) Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
William B. Henderson b. 30 Aug 1823 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
Andrew R. Henderson(1826-1901) Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
m. Rachel Rutledge 1850
Joseph Mcknitte Henderson(1828-1877)m Lenoraa Emaline Simril 1858
Violet Jane Henderfson (1831-1914) Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 
m Egbert C. Davidson
James Harvey Henderson(1834-1901) Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, m "FARR"
David Robinson Henderson was 5th child of Andrew Henderson (1753-1837) 
and Elizabeth Robinson, m 1780

Andrew Henderson was 8th child of Michael Henderson (1752-b4 1850) and 
Hannah Barnett m ca.1775

    Michael Henderson was 1st of 6 children of Cairns Henderson (1724-1793) 
b Fifeshire Scotland, d Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, m Elizabeth Robinson 
1749 at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery, 
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

1860 Calhoun County, Alabama 437 
Davidson, Egbert    31 m Georgia
Davidson, Jane    26 f Georgia
Davidson, William    7 f  Alabama
Davidson, Joseph    2 m  Alabama
Davidson, Winney  1/12 f Alabama

Land Record record for EGBORT DAVIDSON
Date: 01 08 1860
Location: AL, 
Document #: 22623
Serial #: AL3380__.063
Acres: 69.5000
Meridian or Watershed: HUNTSVILLE
Parcel: Township 15S, Range 12E, Section 14 

Egbert married Violet Jane HENDERSON, daughter of David Robinson 
HENDERSON and Margaret Davidson ALEXANDER. Violet was born 1831 
in Georgia. She died 1914.
They had the following children:
	19  M	i.	William DAVIDSON was born 1853 in Alabama.
	20  M	ii.	Joseph DAVIDSON was born about 1857 in Alabama.
	21  F	iii.	Winney DAVIDSON was born about 1860 in Alabama.

13.   William J. DAVIDSON (Washington (s/o Joseph & Sarah?), Joseph) was born 
1836 in of Carroll County, Georgia, and Winston County, Alabama.

More about William J. Davidson:
From Nancy Williams  :...descendants of William J. and Lucinda WILLIAMS DAVIDSON of Carroll County, 
Geogia and Winston County, Alabama. Their known (by me) children are 
(1) Washington b. abt. 1862 (2) William J. b. abt. 1864 (3) Sarah b. abt. 1866 
(4) John b. abt 1869 (5) Thomas b. abt. 1870 (6) Melissa b. abt. 1873 
(7) Henry b. abt.1875 (8) Joel b. abt.1877 (9) Nancy b. abt 1880. 
Some descendants believed to have stayed around Winston County, Alabama. 
Joel (per family story) and Tom, maybe others, went to Pontotoc County, Mississippi.

1860 Winston County, Alabama  p1192 Houston P.O. Twp 10 
Davidson William J. 23 m Farmer 160/25 Georgia 
Davidson John 75 m     Georgia 
Davidson Deliah E. ? f     Georgia 
Davidson Lydia E. 35 f     Tennessee 

1870 Winston County, Alabama  page 540/231 Houston P.O. 
Davison William 30 w m Farmer 200/150 Georgia 
Davison Wash 8 m w      No Carolina 
Davison William J. 6 w m     No Carolina 
Davison Parthena 3 f w     Alabama 
Davison John 1 m w     Alabama 
Davison Cinda 27 f w     Georgia

They had the following children:
	22  M	i.	Washington DAVIDSON was born 1862.
	23  M	ii.	William J. DAVIDSON was born 1864.
	24  F	iii.	Sarah DAVIDSON was born 1866 in Alabam.
	25  M	iv.	John DAVIDSON was born 1869 in Alabama.
	26  M	v.	Thomas J. DAVIDSON was born about 1870.
	27  F	vi.	Melissa DAVIDSON was born 1873.
	28  M	vii.	Henry DAVIDSON was born 1875 in Alabama.
	29  M	viii.	Joel DAVIDSON was born 1877 in Alabama.
	30  F	ix.	Nancy DAVIDSON was born 1880 in Alabama.

14.  Sarah J. DAVIDSON (Washington (s/o Joseph & Sarah?), Joseph) was born about 1838.

More about Sarah Davidson:
1860 Carroll County, Georgia  page 364   
Williamson Andrew 34 M (contact Georgia  
Williamson Sarah 22 f (dau of G.W. Davidson) Georgia  
Williamson Nancy 1 f     Georgia 

1870 Randolph County, Alabama page ?   
Williamson Andrew J. 40 m       
Williamson Sarah J. 28 f Georgia 
Williamson Nancy 11 f       
Williamson Amanda 8 f       
Williamson Mary E. 5 f       
Williamson John 11mo m       
Williamson Davidson 12 m   

1880 Cleburne Co. Alabama
Williamson Andrew J. w m 50   Georgia     
Williamson Sara J. w f 39  Georgia
Williamson Amanda wf 17         
Williamson Mary wf 13         
Williamson Moses G. wm 4

Sarah married Andrew J. WILLIAMSON, son of Benjamin WILLIAMSON and 
Susannah MILLER, on 12 Jun 1856 in Calhoun/Benton C, Alabama. Andrew 
was born about 1830 in Georgia.

More About Andrew Williamson:
Benjamin Williamson
 1840 Carroll Co Ga
1850 Heard Co Ga
1860 & 70 Carroll Co Ga
 Benjamin born 1792 Ga-1881 Ga 
Susannah Miller circa 1809 -before 1870 Ga
They married 4 Oct 1824 Jasper Co Ga

They had the following children:
	31  M	i.	Davidson WILLIAMSON was born about 1857 in Alabama.
	32  F	ii.	Nancy WILLIAMSON was born about 1859 in Alabama.
	33  F	iii.	Amanda WILLIAMSON was born about 1862 in Alabama.
	34  F	iv.	Mary E. WILLIAMSON was born about 1866 in Alabama.
	35  M	v.	John WILLIAMSON was born about 1869 in Alabama.
	36  M	vi.	Moses G. WILLIAMSON was born about 1875.

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